Mexican Drug Cartels must Hate Alcohol…

Juárez attacks kill 14 in 2 days; 10 die in bar

Juárez was hit with two multiple slayings in the past [several] days. Ten were killed in one attack and four in the other.

Thursday|March 31st, 2011Several gunmen burst into a bar Thursday night and killed nine men and one woman, Chihuahua authorities said. Another woman was wounded in that shooting.  The slayings took place in a bar, El Castillo, on Juárez and Ramón Rayón street, southeast of Juárez.  The victims were found inside the bar, riddled with bullets, officials said.  Authorities identified one of the victims as 18-year-old Mario Alvarado Bernal.  The age of the other victims ranged from 20 to 55, officials said in a press release.  Police found 11 bullet casings used in AK-47 rifles and 15 bullet casings from a 9mm weapon.  Authorities also seized six vehicles at the scene.


Friday|April 1, 2011 – On Friday, three men and a boy were killed at a plaza in the Zaragoza area of Juárez, officials said.  Gunmen opened fire on a burrito truck in this border city, killing the vendor, his 10-year-old son and two other people Friday, a day after an attack on a nearby bar resulted in 10 deaths.  The bright red food truck sat just yards (meters) from an elementary school where children were at gym class in an outdoor patio, said Arturo Sandoval, a spokesman for the Chihuahua state attorney general’s office. The motive of the shooting – and the target – were unknown.  Sandoval said the two other slain adults were men between the ages of 25 and 30 who were eating at tables next to the truck. They wore what looked like workers’ uniforms from [Cervecería Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma] beer company. The burrito vendor’s body was found inside the truck, while his son lay dead outside.  A fifth man was wounded and taken to a hospital.  The boy was found dead inside the vendor truck, officials said. Nineteen rounds were fired.

As of Friday afternoon, there had been six homicides [in Juarez] to start April, officials said. There were 183 homicides in March and about 600 so far this year.

US authorities confirm 2 Americans killed at Tijuana border crossing

Monday|April 4, 2011 – TIJUANA, Mexico (AP) – Two men were killed by a gunman who opened fire while they waited at a Tijuana border crossing were U.S. citizens, a U.S. diplomat said Tuesday, and their San Diego employer described them as diligent workers who had moved to the border city so they could afford to live on the beach.  U.S. Consulate spokesman Joseph L. Crook said U.S. authorities are in contact with Mexican officials investigating the killings early Monday at one of the world’s busiest international ports of entry.

He gave no further details.

More than 34,000 people have been killed in Mexico’s drug war but shootings at international crossings into the United States are extremely rare.

The two men were waiting in a white pickup truck at the San Ysidro border crossing on the Tijuana side when an unidentified man walked through the lanes of traffic and boldly unloaded five rounds from a 9-mm. handgun; hitting the victims in the head, arms and body. Both victims were dead by the time authorities arrived. The men’s employer, Matt Pelot of San Diego-based West Coast Beverage Maintenance, said Kevin Romero, 28, and Sergio Salcido, 25, were good friends who had worked for him for more than a year.

He said Romero’s sister called him Monday morning to tell him they had been killed.  “She just said I just wanted to let you know that Sergio and Kevin were shot and killed this morning at the border, and obviously I was taken back,” he said. “I was in shock, and I’m still in shock. These were good guys. Obviously no one deserves to die like this, but these were good guys.”

Police found 9-mm shell casings at the scene, authorities said. That ammunition is used in weapons favored by drug cartel gunmen in Mexico. The men were crossing around 2:40 a.m. as they usually did to beat the long lines that form later in the morning when thousands cross to go to work or school on the U.S. side, Pelot said.  Romero’s parents live near the border and the men would go there to sleep before heading in to work. The men maintained draft beer systems at restaurants and bars in the San Diego area and were always eager to work overtime, Pelot said.  “Kevin Romero didn’t even drink beer,” Pelot said. “These guys weren’t dealing drugs that’s for sure.”

Law enforcement tells Fox News neither man had a criminal record, although Mexican police say a small amount of drugs were found on one victim.  Agents who spoke with Fox News on the condition of anonymity doubt this was a random shooting or a case of mistaken identity. Agents say it’s possible these men were moving loads of drugs and didn’t pay their debts, ripped off one of the cartels or tried to cheat someone on a drug deal. Another possibility is that the cartels believed these men to be confidential informants for American law enforcement.  In the past, Americans were seen as off limits by the cartels, but not anymore. Along with the recent killings of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and ICE special agent Jaime Zapata, cartels have also targeted U.S. citizens who they believe have cheated them. In October, a Chandler, Ariz., man was beheaded after stealing 400 pounds of marijuana.

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