Osama bin Laden dead; Questions Abound; Warnings of Jihadist Revenge Surge

May 2nd, 2011 – Abbottabad, Pakistan – 

CIA-led US Forces comprised of a covert group of the Navy’s Seal Team Six raided the compound of Osama bin Laden today in Abbottabad, Pakistan.  The official story states that this raid is the result of years of intelligence collected around bin Ladens “courier”; first learning who he is, then where he lived, then surveilling him going to and from a location they then believed bin Laden to be staying at. After President Obama gave the approval on April 29th for the raid to take place, the team moved into Pakistan without the knowledge of the Pakistani Government with order to capture or kill bin Laden. Several others in the compound were killed and injured. This included at least one female which was widely reported by the mainstream media to have been used by a male member of al Qaeda (later reported as Osama himself) as a human shield to accentuate the cowardice and inhumanity of al Qaeda members. bin Laden reportedly resisted capture and force was used ending in bin Laden being shot at least once in the head. His body was then evacuated to the Aircraft Carrier USS Carl Vinson where he was buried at sea less than 12 hours after being killed (3AM Eastern) in accordance witho Islamic Religious traditions.

This raises a couple questions in my mind:

-Why send in a team of 40 men into the compound when they could have sent a Predator Drone in to accomplish the same thing? They knew bin Laden would not go quietly; shouldn’t they have put together a plan where they could take out the threat of any guards and still captured bin Laden using non-lethal methods? If this guy is truly the leader of al-Qaeda, wouldn’t intelligence collected after capture be invaluable to bringing down the rest of the organization? Isn’t al-Qaeda the entire reason we are fighting this war? Removing the head of the al-Qaeda snake has been the mantra on Fox News and CNN, but what is the point of removing the head when it can grow back instantly? Certainly, our Government does not believe now that bin Laden is gone, al-Qaeda will fall apart…do they?  Why did they make such a critical mistake in allowing this man to be killed instead of captured? Knowing that we would not be able to take him alive by sending in a strike team, the question then returns to “Why didn’t we send in a UAV Strike?”.  They had the exact location.  All they had to do was press a button and it was done.  No lives of soldiers put in danger.  No Million+ dollar helicopter wrecked. But according to National Security Advisor, John Brennan, in a press conference currently being held at the White House, Obama made the decision send a team into Pakistan because of the importance of the mission and to protect the American people.

-Why was the body buried at sea? The explanation is that we followed his religious traditions which would imply an attempt to show respect for him. But the rhetoric in the media is vastly different. The report that the American people are “rejoicing in the streets”; Obama says “This is a great day for our country”, The Islamic Center of Tuscon says “This is a happy day”.   The families of victims and soldiers are agreeing, saying that they are elated, “US Naval Academy Students ‘go nuts’.”. The Lebanon Daily News in Pennsylvania headlined “Locals Toast Osama’s Demise”.  How could the military show the man the Bush Administration labeled “a monster”; the man who killed 3000 innocent people in one day on US Soil; the man who, for over a decade, directed and executed many bombings and terror campaigns around the world; the man who seems to be hated nation wide, be shown the respect he refused to show for thousands of people over two decades.  It just doesn’t add up. On top of that “Dumping the body into the sea is not part of any Islamic ritual,” said Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy and a physician of internal medicine. “Koranic scripture says God created him and he must return to the earth.”

One of two things happened:
1)  The official version of the “Sea Burial” is accurate and the Obama Administration did not think about the possible reactions of the American people; some of whom may be offended at the respect given to a man/mass-murderer who showed no respect to their children, wives, husbands, parents.  Either that or they don’t care what the people who were tragically affected by this man think.  This would mean that they are publicizing this show of respect to improve their image in the Muslim world.  This puts their own needs and the opinion of non-Americans before their own constituents.
2)  The true motives behind the “Sea Burial” are not being revealed. I think this is the most likely. The other explanations don’t make sense. Why would the US Government be so quick to insist on a respectful Islamic burial for the worst of the worst when it comes to terrorists? What about the thousands upon thousands of other KIA Muslims we left to rot in the streets? Why weren’t they, as fellow human beings,  afforded the same respectful burial we gave the man the US Government has had on top of a hit list for over a decade?  Perhaps the story of Sea Burial was one of convenience? Was there no body at all?

Either way, Osama bin Laden (by official US Version of History) is now dead and whatever psychological effect it was supposed to have is now working it’s way through the American/World populace setting the stage for whatever Act the puppet-masters had next on the program.

Immediately after the announcement of Osama’s death & turbo burial, rumors of possible future revenge attacks begin to appear.

“Top Al Qaeda Thinker Vows Revenge”
“Hamas Leader Condemns Killing of Bin Laden”
“Americans Alert Amid Warnings of Al Qaeda Vengeance”
“US Warns of Anti-American Violence”
“Al Qaeda Lives On, Bin Laden Hunter Says”

And those were the headlines on only ONE page. The internet was littered with them. CNN & Fox News incessantly scrolled a premonition from Intelligence Directors warning to expect retaliation. The US Government FEAR machine is already running at full speed ahead. I guess we can forget about this being the end of the war. I guess we can forget about our troops coming home. I guess we can forget about getting our rights back. Perhaps we were naive to think that once we take out this one man, the war would be over. Perhaps we should have known about the regenerating head of the snake that we would be forced to deal with for another decade.  Perhaps this is all fuel for the fire of the Military Industrial Complex. A Strategic move in a game of chess executed at just the right moment: just before the upswing into the 2012 Election season, just when the Afghan war is winding down, just after a highly criticized birth certificate was released, just when things in Libya are heating up and the US is forced to commit troops on the ground constituting and invasion force never approved by congress…I can speculate for hours on the purpose of possible political misdirection. Another interesting note: I noticed that some MSM outlets are now calling Osama bin Laden by the name Usama. I’ve heard that before of course, but I think they are making an attempt to subconsciously disassociate the similar sounding Obama & Osama names.  I even caught myself calling Osama “Obama” several times this morning because it has been so long since I’ve spoken in length about Osama. I’m used to saying Obama though. Could that be another pawn move in the game?

So what is the truth? Was Osama really on the run then we caught up with him and killed him? Was Osama working for the CIA the entire time and when we got all we could from him, we turned on him for the publicity? Has he actually been dead for a long time as many Intelligence Analysts have suggested for many years?  We certainly do not yet have enough information at this point to know for sure. Only time will tell what really transpired late last night/early this morning in Pakistan. All I know is something doesn’t seem right.


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