CIA Employs Theatrics to Heighten Drama in Osama Murder Photo Release

Osama bin Laden and family. Osama is pictured 2nd from right.

Kurt Nimmo
May 3, 2011

In a gruesome game of wait and see, the CIA is drawing out the release of photos its claims show a double-tapped Osama bin Laden.

Leon Panetta, Obama’s director at the CIA, told Brian Williams of “NBC Nightly News” today the agency would eventually present a photograph and pawn it off as evidence. In the meantime, we will be obliged to wait on pins and needles.

Earlier today, Obama decided to release at least one photo showing Osama Bin Laden’s death, according toDrudge Report. The image reportedly shows a bullet wound to his head above the left eye, according to reports.

CNN reported the White House and the CIA are locked in deliberation whether to release a photo.

There is a school of thought inside the White House, according to CNN, that the photo release is unnecessary because there is “no question” that bin Laden is dead, a senior administration official told CNN’s Gloria Borger.

In addition, Panetta said Osama did not put his hands up and surrender and this is why he was executed.

Similarly, following the events of September 11, 2001, the government expected the American people to believe that Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda were responsible for the attacks without providing any evidence. After the Bush Administration agreed to hold an investigation, it insisted on appointing Henry Kissinger as chair of the commission.

Commission chairmen Lee H. Hamilton and Thomas H. Kean accused the CIA of impeding their investigationand destroying videotapes documenting the interrogations of two alleged al-Qaeda operatives.

The story coalescing around the unverified assassination is similar to the Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman stories that were grossly exaggerated and outright fabricated by the Pentagon and the corporate media in order to feed the war on terror narrative.

In 2003, the German television show Tagesschau revealed that stories of PFC Jessica Lynch’s heroism fighting against her Iraqi captors until she supposedly ran out of ammunition were outright lies and cynical war propaganda. The Washington Post in particular collaborated with the Pentagon to feed the American people the Lynch bravery fairy tale.

“In America it doesn’t matter any more what is right or wrong,” John MacArthur, editor of Harper’s Magazine, wrote at the time. “The public is conditioned to believe everything: no matter if it is emotional stories or lies on weapons of mass destruction.”

Likewise folk lore was spun to make the late Army Ranger Pat Tillman out to be a hero and an iconic representation of a brave American who selflessly gave up a promising football career to fight the evil of al-Qaeda.

An official Army press release announced his Silver Star citation and said he had stormed a hill to take out the enemy as he “provided suppressive fire with an M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon machine gun.”

In fact, the entire story was a fabrication. Tillman, the Pentagon later claimed, had died as a result of friendly fire.

It was later revealed that Tillman was killed because of his disillusionment with the war in Afghanistan and the threat he posed as a potential anti-war figure.

On July 27, 2007, Paul Joseph Watson wrote that medical examiners concluded that “there was no evidence whatsoever of friendly fire, but the ballistics data clearly indicated that the three head shots had been fired from just 10 yards away and then the Army tried to concoct a hoax friendly fire story.”

The current hyperventilation by the corporate media over the Osama bin Laden story, minus absolutely any corroborating evidence, is indicative of another Pentagon pysop and propaganda offensive designed to blindside the American people and pump new life into the flagging war on terror.


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