The Mysterious Murder of John P Wheeler III (Part One)

 “They will solve it…they have to solve it. There’s no way they cannot solve it.  It’s just…it can’t…it can’t go unsolved.”
-Katherine Klyce Wheeler, the wife of John P Wheeler III, a few weeks after his April 29th funeral.  

CygBy: Cygnus

It’s been over 4 months since the enigmatic death of John P Wheeler III, or ‘Jack’ as his friends called him, and we are still as far away from solving his murder as we were in the days following the strange events leading up to his death.  Jack’s body was first spotted in a Newark, Delaware landfill as his body was dumped from a trash truck that had just finished it’s early morning dumpster-emptying route.  He was not reported missing, but his approximate where-abouts were known in the days prior to his death.  He spent Christmas Eve and Day with his wife in their NYC home.  The day after that, he took a train to Washington DC for unknown reasons.  A few days later, he returned to his New Castle, Delaware home, miles from where he was last seen and where his body was found.  This is where it starts to get confusing.  Jack was apparently seen “wandering” around downtown Wilmington, Delaware.  His clothes appeared to be dirty and disheveled and he claimed that his briefcase had been taken from him.

View on Jack Wheeler’s street at his Harlem Address in NYC

Reports from police, newspapers, and eye-witnesses conflict; Law Enforcement theories began to double back on each other and not make sense and the case seemingly takes a turn into the murky depths of a wide-spread cover up.  One example, without getting into too much detail at this point, were news stories (see “Video shows Wheeler in high-crime area day before death“) indicating that he wandered into a bad neighborhood, was robbed and murdered.  There are a few problems – no videos were ever released actually showing Jack wandering into this so-called bad area.  In fact, the article shows one of only two (this is important) videos released to the public which show Jack inside a parking garage.  In those videos, Jack was widely reported to be “confused” and “out of it”, as if he were senile, drugged or crazy.  Most media outlets tried to equate this to his age (66) or his mild case of aspergers syndrome.  But an important point that must be made about the “bad neighborhood” inconsistency is one that the media has not, to my knowledge, mentioned at all:  John Wheeler’s New York City home was in HARLEM.  It can be assumed then that Jack was no stranger to questionable neighborhoods and unless he was going senile (which he wasn’t), this ex-Army Officer almost certainly could’ve taken care of himself on the mean streets of Wilmington.  Also, Jack still had on a Rolex and a solid gold West Point class ring, casting more doubt on the robbery theory. More on the specifics later.

In the past day, new details have emerged as Jack’s wife, Katherine Klyce Wheeler, and his son, John Wheeler IV, granted interviews to the media.  They revealed that whoever killed Jack left his Rolex on his wrist and his gold West Point ring on his finger, further indicating that was not a robbery gone bad, as some law enforcement officials have concluded.  One thing was certain immediately after his death – it was a homicide.  Within days of the body being found, police investigators released that Jack died of blunt force trauma to the head.

As mentioned by Katherine in the above video, she, probably knowing Jack’s personality better than most, indicated that after seeing the videos of Jack before his death, thought he looked “afraid and cautious”, not “confused and disoriented”. His son agreed saying “He’s fully functional … but something’s very wrong.”

First, a basic understanding of the extraordinary life that John Wheeler lived will shine some light on his importance and his role in Government in the past 50 years.  Below is a timeline of John Wheeler’s professional career.  I have not been able to fill in all the blanks or give greater detail on some of the years of his life because little information exists outside of the widely reported data.  His meteoric rise to prominence in the years following his West Point Graduation as well as his years of self employment are but two areas of many where detail could provide excellent information into who he knew, what projects he worked on and why he may have been targeted.  Even the list of projects and operations that we can confirm he was involved with are inexplicably and impressively numerous.

Timeline – John P Wheeler III Professional Career

Timeline note – Reference Links are provided in the “.” after the event when available. 

1962 – Graduated from Hampton High School; presided over Russian/Spanish clubs; voted most likely to succeed.
1965 – Graduates from West Point. Joins Army.
1966 – Began Service in US Army (Staff Officer in Vietnam, Office of Secretary of Defense, Joint Staff)
1966 –  Fire Control Platoon Leader, Nike Nuclear Missle site; New Jersey
1967 – Writes first Biological and Chemical Joint Munitions  Effectiveness Manual influencing Nixons policy.
1967 – Begins graduate student program at Harvard Business School.
1968 – [Summer] Systems Analyst for Strategic Programs for the Office of the Secretary of Defense.
1969 – 1970 – Member of the General Staff, HQ US Army, Long Binh Vietnam
1969 – Graduates from Harvard with Master of Business Administration Degree
1970 – Staff Officer, Joint Staff; The Pentagon, Washington DC
1971 – Retires from US Army after 5 years in.
1971 – 1972 – Senior Planner, Amtrak, Washington DC.
1972 – Starts as Law Student, Yale University, New Haven Conn.
1975 – Graduates from Yale with Juris Doctor Law Degree
1975 –1976 –  Law clerk; US Court of Appeals, DC Circuit
1976 – 1978 –  Associate; Shea and Gardener Law Firm, Washington, DC
1978 – 1986 – Special Council to Chairman of Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).
1979 – 1989, Chairman, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
1981 – Works on Special project for Reagan creating Vietnam Vets Leadership Program
1983 – 1987 – First CEO of Mothers Against Drunk Driving
1986 – 1988 –  Self Employed: Specialist in start-up companies and turning around companies, charities.
1988 – On President George HW Bush’s Presidential Election transition team. Also heads Earth Conservation Corp
1989 – 1997 – Self Employed: Specialist in start-up companies and turning around companies, charities.
1993 – Created Vietnam Children’s Fund. Presided over organization as CEO.
1997 – 2001 – Pres/CEO of Deafness Research Foundation
2001 – 2005 – Self Employed: Specialist in start-up companies and turning around companies, charities.
2002 – Helped establish Cyber Research Center at the Air Force Institute of Technology.
2004 – 2005 – Consultant to Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, Logistics; DC.
2005 – 2008 – Special Asstistant to Secretary of the Air Force in Washington DC.
2005 – 2009 – Special Assistant to George W. Bush.
2006 – US Airforce Cyber Command begins operations in Provisional status in 67th Network Warfare Wing/Strategc Air Command (SAC).
2008 – Received Citation for Air Force Exceptional Civilian Service Award
2008 – 2009 – Special Assistant to Acting Asst. Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Logistics & Energy.
2009 – Air Force CYBERCOM officially transferred from (SAC) to US Air Force Space Command.
2009 – 2010 – Consultant to defense contractor Mitre Corporation

Also a member of Council on Foreign Relations

A Brief Timeline of the Events Surrounding the Death of John P Wheeler III

Timeline note – Reference Links are provided in the “.” after the event when available.  Wheeler is referred to as (JW).

2010/12/13 – (JW) denied temporary restraining order to stop building on property across the street.
2010/12/13 – (JW)’s car arrives at Amtrak Station in Wilmington, Delaware.
2010/12/24 – (JW) sent short email to friend Jim Fallows: “Jim, Merry Christmas Old Man. Onward and Upward”.
2010/12/24 – Neighbors Robert +Phoebe Dill drive (JW) to Wilmington train station enroute to NYC  to deliver a present to his wife, then  travel to DC. .
2010/12/24 – (JW)s neighbor, Ron Roark, hears loud TV on in Wheeler home over next 4 days – no one home. Later proven to be left   on by (JW).
2010/12/26 – (JW) sends email to a West Point friend speaking of deficiencies in US/AF CYBERCOM defense ability.
2010/12/27 – (JW) lawyer speaks to him on the phone. Wheeler sounded fine/excellent.
2010/12/28 –  (JW) charges a one-person lunch to his card at Washington’s Metropolitan Club, a haven for power-players near the White House.
2010/12/28 – (JW) boards Amtrak from Washington DC to Wilmington Delaware station for meeting for Mitre Corp.
2010/12/28 – [5PM] – Posts a message on an online West Point Graduate Forum.
2010/12/28 – [5PM] (JW)s phone goes dead.
2010/12/28 –[7PM] Police get report of rodent smoke bombs thrown into the Marini home across the street.
2010/12/29 – [9AM] (JW) picked up by taxi cab driver Roland Spence at Wilmington Amtrak Station and asks to be taken to Hotel  DuPont.
2010/12/29 – [4-5PM] – Taxi company reports Wheeler calls for cab ride to Philadephia from Newcastle Happy Harrys drugstore.
2010/12/29 – [6PM] – Seen by his usual Pharmacist in drugstore (Happy Harry’s) near his home in New Castle asking for ride to Wilmington.
2010/12/29 – [640PM] – Seen in Newcastle County Courthouse parking garage, missing shoe, “confused”, claims to have been robbed of briefcase. Pants dirty, eyes red like he was crying. Refused help. (7 miles away from drugstore)
2010/12/29 – [730PM] (JW) is seen by two courthouse employees in parking garage “unable to find his car”.
2010/12/30 – Neighbor R. Dill spots open upstairs window in home of (JW). Going to check things out, Dill finds door ajar and house ransacked: chairs; plants overturned, broken dishes in sink, (JW)s West Point Cadet sword on floor, unsheathed. Nothing was taken and it was unlike (JW) to leave house in that state.
2010/12/30 – [8AM] Wheeler seen in sandwich shop. Employee sold him coffee, saying he was dirty and his eyes were extremely  bloodshot, but he acted fairly normal.
2010/12/30 – [Afternoon] – (JW) enters law firm of Connolly, Bove, Lodge & Hutch, 10th floor Nemours, asking for train fare to go ‘North’.  One person says he asked for a ride to Philadelphia.
2010/12/30 – [330PM] – spotted @ 10th & Orange St. Location of DOJ/US Attorney/HQ of Dupont Corp/Hotel DuPont.
2010/12/30 – [845pm] – (JW) shows up on video camera in DuPont/Nemours downtown office building appearing confused; Swapped dirty jacket for blue hooded sweatshirt. Leaves Dupont building heading East on 11th Ave.
2010/12/31 – [9:56AM] – Body of John Wheeler spotted by inspector as it is dumped from a trash truck at a land fill.
2010/12/31 – [10AM] Wilmington Police called to Cherry Island to begin investigation.
2010/12/31 – [2PM] Newark Police join investigation when it is determined body came from Newark.
2010/12/31 – Justice of the Peace Stanley Petraschuk issued the first search warrant of Wheeler’s home.
2010/12/31 – Wilmington police impound (JW)s car at the Wilmington Amtrak Station where it had been since Dec. 13th.
2011/01/01 – Three search warrants were obtained by Newark police for searches of Wheeler’s cell phone and his 1993 Oldsmobile.
2011/01/02 – Newark Police identify (JW) as victim.
2011/01/02 – Newark Police & CSI spend the day at home of (JW).
2011/01/04 – Attorney General Beau Biden’s office asked to seal 4 separate warrants; arguing that the disclosure of its contents will compromise the investigation. Deputy AG James Kriner noted that New Castle police did not request that the warrant be sealed but “good cause exists to seal the application and affidavit for the search warrant.”
2011/01/04 – Latex gloves found in dumpster behind Bank – first stop along trash route (JW) believed to have been picked up on.
2011/01/05 – Newark Investigators spotted near Newark Shopping Center, search trash bins and obtain security camera footage.
2011/01/06 –Wheelers phone was found in house being built across street.
2011/01/06 – Work boot footprint found in (JW)s home.

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  1. He probably knew things that somebody or some countries agents wanted kept quiet! Sounds like he was drugged and got away,which explains his appearance.the house was ransacked who and what were they looking for?

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