Eat More Pills!

In a fairly predictable fashion, the Supreme Court strikes down or votes against two pharmaceutical cases before them on Thursday, June 23.  In the first, they protect several pharmaceutical companies (aka legal drug cartels) from those pesky injured consumers.
In the other, the Supreme Court flushes consumer privacy down the drain and allows data-mining companies to exploit the medicated sick and dying by giving out their prescription information to bloodhounds looking to make a buck.

Supreme Court rejects generic drug labeling suits
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that generic drug companies cannot be sued under state law over allegations that they failed to provide adequate label warnings about potential side effects.

The justices handed a victory to Israel’s Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, Mylan Inc’s UDL Laboratories and Iceland-based Actavis Inc by overturning U.S. appeals court rulings that allowed such lawsuits.


Supreme Court strikes down state drug data mining law

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Supreme Court struck down on Thursday a state law that prohibits the use of prescription drug records for marketing, in a case pitting free-speech rights against medical privacy concerns.

The high court handed a victory to data mining companies IMS Health, Verispan and Source Healthcare Analytics, a unit of Dutch publisher Wolters Kluwer, that collect and sell such information and that challenged the law.

These decisions follow numerous rulings from the US High Court protecting the bank accounts and assets of pharmaceutical companies while ignoring the damage done to people taking these “good”, approved drugs.  The FDA is never held accountable for the numerous medications that kill dozens of people AFTER the FDA says they are safe.  And now, more and more each year, the very companies that manufacture and peddle these drugs to the masses are less and less responsible for any destruction caused.  In February, the Supreme Court ruled that vaccine manufacturers are no longer responsible for harm done by their products.  The court said that the manufacturers (in this case Pfizer) are not subject to the same liability laws that govern other products.  For an industry that supposedly has human health and well-being as it’s primary secondary interest (primary being profit), it sure seems like those values are almost  ignored.  Big pharma and it’s zombie army in the FDA and Supreme Court want to keep raking in the cash and all involved parties are playing their part to ensure this happens.  All that is left is to make sure that everyone sticks to their diet – eat more pills!


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