CIA Mind Control and Drug Experimentation Documentary (1979)

For anyone who has done research into the CIA and their activities in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, this documentary will be old news.  The benefit, however, is that it summarizes hours upon hours of reading and research into a 47 minute synopsis on the CIA’s use of mind-altering drugs on unwitting American Citizens to perfect their control of human beings.  If you are new to this subject, it is amazing stuff.

Legendary CIA figures such as OSS/FBN/CIA Officer George C White and the infamous Dr. Sidney Gottlieb are mentioned and shown.  Also shown are some images from Operation Midnight Climax in New York and San Francisco where drugs and sex are experimented with; the “suicide” cases of Frank Olsen and Harold Blauer are mentioned as casualties of this sociopathic program that had no regard to human life; etc…In this video, you can see the anguish caused by these experiments.

Very interesting material, especially if you are new to this topic. Of course, this is all 100% true. The most terrifying part of this movie is what 1970s CIA Director Stanfied Turner says at the very beginning of the film – (paraphrased) this is only a small, small glimpse into these projects and there is no way of knowing the complete scope of the experimentation performed. The most damning evidence (and likely the most repulsive) was destroyed by outgoing CIA Director Allen Dulles before investigators got a chance to see it.  What was left was only a very small percentage of the program – a program where many disturbing tests were not even documented.

If you are still in doubt after watching the documentary, consider the words of long time CIA Director Allen Dulles  (one of the most prolific and highest-ranking CIA men ever) on mind control:
“The minds of selected individuals who are subjected to such treatment … are deprived of the ability to state their own thoughts. Parrot-like, the individuals so conditioned can merely repeat the thoughts which have been implanted in their minds by suggestion from outside. In effect the brain … becomes a phonograph playing a disc put on its spindle by an outside genius over which it has no control.”


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