Dead Men Tell No Tales: Entire Bin Laden Seal-Team Eliminated?

US Navy Seals Destroyed to Cover Up Washington’s Bin Laden Execution Hoax?

Global Research, August 7, 2011

Finian Cunningham

The wiping out of 30 US special forces in the Chinook helicopter crash in Afghanistan comes at a time when Washington’s official version of how it carried out the assassination of Osama bin Laden was falling apart from incredulity.

Among the 38 dead in the helicopter disaster – the biggest single loss of American lives in the 10-year Afghanistan war of occupation – are believed to have been [22] US Navy Seals [INCLUDING MEMBERS OF SEAL TEAM SIX INVOLVED IN THE INFAMOUS EARLY MAY RAID THAT REPORTEDLY KILLED OSAMA BIN LADEN] . The dead also include other members of US special forces and Afghan commandos.

Early Western news media reports indicated that the Chinook may have been involved in a significant military operation against Afghan militants when it went down in Wardak Province, not far west from the capital, Kabul, early Saturday.

Taliban sources are reported to have claimed that its militants shot down the Chinook with rocket fire.

US military officials say they are investigating the cause of the crash.

However, significantly, unnamed US sources have told media outlets that they believe the helicopter was shot down. This unofficial US briefing seems a bit odd. Why would US military sources want to hand enemy combatants a stunning propaganda coup?

Perhaps, it serves US interests to divert from the real motive and cause of the helicopter crash, whether it was it hit by a rocket or not.

US officials have admitted that the dead Navy Seals were part of the Team Six unit that allegedly carried out the assassination in May of the supposed 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden.

From the outset, Washington’s account of how its special forces murdered Bin Laden in his residential compound in Abbottabad, northern Pakistan, has been riven with contradictions. Why was the liquidated Bin Laden buried hurriedly at sea? How could the world’s “No 1 Terrorist” have resided inconspicuously only miles from the Pakistani military headquarters in Rawalpindi?

Most glaringly, several informed sources are convinced that Bin Laden died from natural causes years ago. Author Ralph Schoenman dismissed the alleged Navy Seal execution as “a big lie”. Schoenman cited evidence on this subject from former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, among others, for their confirmation that Bin Laden had died from kidney failure years earlier.

More recently, as Paul Craig Roberts reports [1], Pakistani locals have claimed that the Navy Seal operation in Abbottabad ended in disaster, with one of three US helicopters exploding as it took off from the ground near the compound. The other two choppers had not landed and, according to witnesses, they flew from the scene immediately after the explosion. As Roberts points out, that means there was no Bin Laden corpse to dispose of at sea, as Washington maintains. (See bottom of page for interview and transcript)

The key people who would know the truth about Washington’s incredible Bin Laden assassination are now unavailable for comment. Case sealed.


Bulleted Stats from May 1st MAIN OBL Raid (Official Story) [source][source]:

  • Transport: (3 Helos)
    •  Two MH-60 Black Hawk helicopters lifted off from Jalalabad Air Field; 11PM Local, May 1st
    •  One ‘classified’ helicopter; unknown origin. Involved in crash/explosion at OBL compound.  Possible “Drone” Helo providing live feed to White House.
  • Personnel: (6 MH-60 Crew (Nightstalkers), 23 SEALS, 1 Translator, 1 Dog + possible unknowns)
    •  Two pilots and one Crewman from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Night Stalkers) piloting MH-60 Black Hawk ONE
    • Two Pilots and one Crewman from the  160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Night Stalkers) piloting MH-60 Black Hawk  TWO
    • UNKNOWN Crew from Classified Helicopter
    • Twenty-three Navy SEALS from Seal Team Six DEVGRU:
      • 12  SEALS (including “Mark”) in MH-60 Black Hawk ONE
      • 11 SEALS in MH-60 Black Hawk TWO
    • A Pakistani-American Pashtu Interpreter/Translator, code-named “Ahmed” in MH-60 Black Hawk TWO
    • A Belgian Malinois-breed Military dog named “Cairo” for bomb-sniffing/room clearing in MH-60 Black Hawk TWO

Bulleted Stats from August 6th Crash [source][source]+above

  • Transport: (1 Helo)
    • One CH-47 Chinook helicopter of unknown origin “crashed” or “was shot down” in Tangi Valley, Wardak Province AFG.
  • Personnel:  (Total: 38/39+1 Dog – 5 CH-47 Crew, 22 SEALS, 3 US Airforce Troops, 7 Afghan SF, 1 Dog + Handler)
    • Twenty-Two Navy SEALS,
    • Three Air Force troops,
    • 5 “Army-Air” Crew of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Night-Stalkers),
    • 1 Military Dog + Handler of unknown affiliation
    • 7 Afghan Special Forces/Commandos
    • 1 Interpreter/Translator

[Since the crash], the responses have been coming in like rapid fire on the battle field. And so far, all have the same thought in mind – Shades of the Clinton era – all that is missing is Ft. Marcy Park. Here are just a few of those that have come in so far….  [source]

Exponents of critical thought will understand that enemies of the Administration become targets of opportunity!The real “buzz” is that our troops were written off as “liabilities.” But, you and I know, if there remains one SEAL of “that raid,” that person will fess up immediately.SEALS are dedicated persons and committed to the brotherhood of silent warriors. But, when  their own are “cashiered,” the silence will break!Many will call us conspiracy wing-nuts, but the red flag has been seen, and answers must be brought forth.Don’t let this story die….

This eliminates those on the kill Osama Bin Ladin Mission, so what really happened, who was really killed, etc. is now whatever the CIA says it is.  Kind of like the crash in Bosnia that killed all on board including HUD Secretery Brown, who said “If I go down, I will take others with me”. He underestimated what Black Ops can (and will) do.

Shades of those four Secret Service Agents, previously assigned to Clinton, that bought the farm on entering the second story of the Branch Davidians. The defenders didn’t fire the rounds that killed them.

It has just been announced that the Seals who killed some poor schmucklast May identified by the White House as Osama Bin Laden (the realbin Laden died in December 2001) all died in the crash of a ChinookHelicopter in Afghanistan today. This is reminiscent of when FormerClinton body guards privy to his indiscretions were all killed atWaco, shot by their own forces. So, it looks like Obama may be cleaning house as he heads into the nextelection season by murdering off anyone who could publicly expose thelies and hoaxes he has used to cling to power. Hmm?

The reason for downing the helicopter with the team and unit that allegedly killed bin Laden is simple – the government was taking care of 30 lose ends at one time instead of one at a time as they did with scientists developing chemo and bio weapons, or the 42 witnesses to the Murrah Building bombing that knew it wasn’t a one-man deal, or any one of dozens of whistle blowers that have been brutally murdered, or the 80-plus at Waco that were shot or burned to death, including what – 26 children – to get rid of witnesses, to name a few. Without a doubt, the members of the unit would talk to each other, and without a doubt, I suspect that the ones actually carrying out the fabrication knew they did not kill bin Laden.The fact is government can now claim anything they want and leave the illegal alien with credit for bin Laden when he could have been captured dozens of times, including before 9-11. Others can believe and say what they wish but the fact is the government lies anytime it opens it mouth but if others do and persist, or the potential exists that one or more may talk, government kills and that closes the book – or used to. In the case of the false flag operation by Israel against the U.S.S. Liberty, they merely threatened and the victims kept their mouths shut for many years, but I do not think in this day and age with the imminent downfall of America that witnesses are as likely to keep their mouths shut, especially if they love America as they allege. But, of course, now we will never know.  Sadly, we have allowed a de facto government , including local chartered governments, to develop, and furthermore at our future risk, allowed them to kill and not be brought up on charges. Now we are seeing increasingly the horrible effect our non-vigilance has had.

Infowars – August 6, 2011

Associated Press sources
 are reporting a statistically impossible tragedy for U.S. forces in Afghanistan– that of the 38 NATO forces killed in a helicopter crash Friday night, “more than 20″ were members of SEAL Team 6, the covert unit that took credit for killing Osama bin Laden in May.

Mainstream sources are seizing upon claims that the Taliban took credit for downing the helicopter, but that means nothing. Media instantly ran reports that al Qaeda was responsible for the bombing & shootings in Norway; moreover, anyone on a message board can make such claims.

Instead, Alex Jones predicted shortly after the raid on bin Laden’s compound that SEALs would soon be reported dead in a helicopter crash or staged incident following multiple reports from military sources who’ve proved accurate in the past, including on-air callers, that SEALs did indeed die during the raid. Official stories admitted after-the-fact that a helicopter went down during the mission, but claimed there were no deaths of U.S. forces.

Infowars is on the record reporting that members of Seal Team 6 died in the so called OBL raid. The government admits that a super secret helicopter did crash during the OBL raid but says no one died, our intel is different. We predicted that the spin doctors would stage a crash or when a real crash took place that they would say the SEALs died then. This is a old trick that governments all over the world have been caught pulling in the past. Some speculate that Obama had the team killed to cover up what really happened; however our intel does not point that way. The Pentagon may have blown the helicopter up on the ground on the night of the raid and we cover that in the above video. Lastly the globalist MSM is reporting that terrorist have taken credit but that is notoriously filled with disinfo, like in the Norway attack when a fake terrorist group took credit and the media ran with it.

According to the sources, military personnel internally admit to the SEAL deaths, however it was not clear whether it had been the result of an accidental crash, from a firefight with Pakistani military forces stationed only a short distance from the compound, or whether, as Pakistani eyewitnesses indicated (below), the helicopter exploded after covert forces entered.

Whatever the true story, one thing is clear: dead men tell no tales. The inconvenient truth is that governments throughout history have disposed of heroes, covert troops and special forces to keep the real story from coming out. Helicopter and plane crashes have been one of the favorite methods for tying up these loose ends.

Abbottabad residents told CCTV reporters they don’t believe Osama bin Laden was ever at this compund and that the operation was a ‘hoax’. Pakistan’s anti-terrorist squad also could not confirm the killing, according to reports.

Pakistani eyewitnesses to the Abbottabad raid on Osama’s reputed compound reported that a U.S. helicopter exploded and that Americans died, despite the fact that mainstream media reports claimed no one died in the raid. The crash was reported but remains little explained.

As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts presciently dredged up again only yesterday:

In the immediate aftermath of bin Laden’s alleged murder by the SEALs, Pakistani TV interviewed the next door neighbor to bin Laden’s alleged compound. Someone supplied the video with an English translation running at the bottom of the video. According to the translation, the next door neighbor, Mr. Bashir, said that he watched the entire operation from the roof of his house. There were 3 helicopters. Only 1 landed. About a dozen men got out and entered the house. They shortly returned and boarded the helicopter. When the helicopter lifted off it exploded, killing all aboard. Mr. Bashir reports seeing bodies and pieces of bodies all over.

The US government acknowledges that it lost a helicopter, but claims no one was hurt. Obviously, as there were no further landings, if everyone was killed as Mr. Bashir reports, there was no body to be dumped into the ocean.

Transcript [HERE]


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