Irregular CON-US Earthquake Activity

Recent earthquake activity in the Continental United States has been occurring in regions not usually known for this phenomenon.

August 23rd, 2011

Departing slightly from the normal material on MONOLITHIK, the blog will today delve into a little science to cover the recent terrestrial abnormalities outside of our nation’s capital with this article:

The Southeastern-Colorado Rocky Mountain region experienced a significant Earthquake just before midnight last night (epicenter time). In addition to this abnormal quake, rare earthquakes occurring in Missouri, Tennessee, Ohio and Maine over the last week were oddly capped off with an early morning Maryland Earthquake and a record-breaking 5.9 tremor in Virginia – just outside of Washington D.C.


USGS shake maps show the major earthquake (for east-coast standards) was felt in over 777 zip codes (updated: now 3200 now 8269 +), 12 20 states and over 1000km away – even into Canada. Previously, the largest Earthquakes to have occurred in the Virginia Seismic Region were a Magnitude 5.8 quake in May 31st, 1897 and April 29th, 1852’s 4.9 quake – making today’s Earthquake the largest in Virginia Seismic Region history and the most significant Earthquake in the Greater Region (east of Rockies) in over 110 years.  In fact, it was the largest quake on the east coast since 1944.


In a another region described by the United States Geological Survey as “infrequently” affected by Earthquakes, Southeastern Colorado experienced a similarly large Magnitude 4.6  followed by a Magnitude 5.3 earthquake late last night (11:30 and 11:46PM epicenter time; respectively).   USGS explains that this vast region of the US that lies East of the Rocky Mountains is far from any major fault line and can “go years without experiencing an Earthquake large enough to be felt”.  In Colorado’s case, this is the largest quake since 1967’s 5.3 Magnitude tremor.


MAGNITUDE 4.6 – SOUTH COLORADO – AUGUST 22/23, 2011; 1:30:00AM EASTERN  (05:30 UTC)
MAGNITUDE 5.3 – SOUTH COLORADO – AUGUST 22/23, 2011; 1:46:19AM EASTERN  (05:46 UTC)

The above cities in the list that are crossed out are discounted because they occur on the New Madrid Fault Line, which is the most seismically active region East of the Rocky Mountains.  In dark blue are the Earthquakes discussed above.


The recently affected regions sit on and around an ancient Craton, or sub-techtonic “plate” called the North American Craton.  These plates are relatively stable due to their depth, size and age and make up the geological core of the North American Continent.  It’s borders make a “U” shape  – first North to South along the Eastern Rockies, then curving to the East through Oklahoma into the New Madrid Fault region and  subtly back up towards New York state.  As can be seen in the basic maps below, both locations with semi-major earthquakes in the last 24 hours exist on the outer edge of this Craton.  Could an external or internal force be affecting this Craton?  If you look at the first image in the post, you can see that the two semi-major earthquakes are connected by smaller quakes in the New Madrid Fault region – almost by a straight line…Could there be more Earthquakes coming to this region?

Scientists have long speculated that Solar Wind Storms can influence Tectonic activity on earth.  Solar winds streams escape from coronal holes on the sun and are hurtled out into space at extremely fast speeds. Sometimes, Earth is affected by these, other times, they escape into space and never intersect with any objects in our solar system.  Below is a few graphics showing Solar Wind/Energy moving out into the solar system from the sun.  In the middle graphic, which shows a longitudinal view of Earth and the Sun, we can see Earth being in the middle of a few bands of Solar Wind at the time these irregular quakes occurred (more on that below).

Does this conclusively cause earthquakes? That has not been proven, but the solar wind has been shown to affect the Earth’s magnetosphere and hence geomagnetic activity.  It has also been shown to affect the ionosphere – another layer of the Earth’s outer atmospheric layers which has been shown to have an influence on tectonics.

Solar Wind storms have not been conclusively proven without doubt to have direct links to earthquake activity, but in many research and scientific circles, evidence is mounting.  One scientist explains it like this:

Solar activity has a direct relationship on seismic activity. Think of a solar wind as a stream of plasma or energy hitting the Earth’s magnetic field for a period of 2-3 days. Granted, there has been solar phenomenon throughout the existence of our solar system, and seismic activity as well. The point is the two go hand in hand and solar activity has a direct effect on the planet’s tectonic plate movement. It is basically the driving force for the tectonic plates. As a result Earth’s core temperature gradually increases. This increase in the Earth’s core temperature causes the core to expand, thus causing Earth’s crust to be pushed outward and tectonic plates to move all at once, moving easier due to the hotter surface underneath it.

Other researchers show connections between Solar Wind storms on January 12, 2o1o and the earthquake in Haiti. Links have also been shown to the Chilean quake that preceded the Haitian earthquake. Above (middle), you can see a medium-sized band of solar wind passing the Earth at approximately 17:00 UTC on August 23rd, 2011 – the same time as the Virginia quake.  The below graph confirms the solar activity reaching Earth, reflected by an increase :

The up and down cyclical movement is due to the measurement satellite being in ‘geosynchronous’ orbit – it is therefore stationary on one side of the planet and it subject to night and day and therefore greater and lesser effects from solar energy.  Being inside a Solar Wind stream for two days, both high-sides are above average and low sides (which measure the geomagnetic tail on the earth) and readings can be seen returning to normal in the beginning hours of August 24th.

But can this alone cause Earthquakes? Probably not. So what else could contribute to an earthquake (outside of normal tectonic movement, of course)?  Perhaps multiple factors combine to make perfect conditions for tectonic shifts.  Below, the chart shows that we are re-entering a period of increased solar activity.  This combined with plasma-streams exiting Coronal holes could definitely add to tectonic movement.  Sun-spot numbers are at a high for the month and climbing, and solar activity as a whole, called solar flux, is increasing.

In addition to solar activity and it’s effects on terrestrial tectonics, planetary position must be taken into consideration.  Gravitational pull from the Sun in conjunction with major planets (like Jupiter and Saturn), minor planets (Mars, Venus, etc.) and most importantly the moon and its phase could all play a part.   The current Lunar phase is a “waning crescent”, meaning the phase is in the last quarter before a new moon (approx 29% full/81% new).  The highest gravitational influence from the moon is at new and full moons with the last quarters still exerting great gravitational/tidal influence; the lowest being at 50% full/new or “quarter moon” – the pull from the moon is in conflict with the pull from the sun creating what is called “neap tides” (aka weakest tides).  After the gravitational influence of the moon and the sun, Jupiter would be the next greatest influence on Earth.  Jupiter is so large, it even causes the Sun to wobble on it’s axis (which is more of a orbit around the center of the solar system due to Jupiter).

All these factors (and to be sure, many more) play a part in the Earths constant changes.  Certainly – whatever caused the irregular Craton-shifting earthquakes of the past 24 hours had a strong influence.  After all, remember that “The term craton is used to distinguish the stable portion of the continental crust from regions that are more geologically active and unstable.”


With the industrial, scientific and technological advances of the 20th century, new things were attempted to better understand the planet and how it’s resources could be harnessed and used for benefit.  Many scientific discoveries happen by accident – others have unintended side effects.  Through the solution of one question comes the asking of another.  In these cases, the unintended side effect is referred to as induced seismicity.  While hard to believe at first, the world does know how to create an earthquake.  I have confirmed this with a long-time USGS scientist and there is plenty of information available online.  The methods which are discussed online are the obvious ones when you think about it, but aren’t often discussed.  They are listed in brief below:

1) Water Reservoirs – “The mass of water in a reservoir alters the pressure in the rock below, which can trigger earthquakes.”  The way it was explained to me is that the ground below the reservoir acts like a scale on a spring – add water and the spring coils tight as the ground depresses and pressure increases.  Quickly drain that reservoir and the “spring” and pressure release.  Seismic shocks can be created during the “pressurization” (filling) and “depressurization” (draining) of the rock below the reservoir. Examples include:

  • Magnitude 6.3 1967 Koynanagar Earthquake in India. 
  • Shocks felt during the 1963 filling of the Vajont Dam/Reservoir in Italy.  
  • Magnitude 6.1 earthquake in Oroville, California in 1975 during the filling of a massive earth-fill dam and reservoir.
2) Mining – Less commonly resulting in earthquakes, mining, often occurring on old faults containing precious minerals has been known to induce seismicity when mines collapse, produce waves and reactivate faults.
3)  Hydraulic Fracturing or “Fracking” – The process of initiating and subsequently propagating a fracture in a rock layer, employing the pressure of a fluid as the source of energy.  This is done to increase the extraction rates and ultimate recovery of oil, natural gas and coal seam gas.  Hydraulic fracturing of natural gas wells produces large amounts of waste water. This contaminated water is often pumped into salt water disposal (SWD) wells. The weight and lubricity of this waste water has been shown to trigger earthquakes.  Examples:
  • Arkansas – 2009 to Present. “Swarms” of small earthquakes began to occur daily when fracking operations began. See story.
4)  “Enhanced Geothermal Systems” (EGS) – A new type of geothermal energy creation that do not require natural convective hydrothermal resources.   Until recently, geothermal power systems have only exploited resources where naturally occurring heat, water and rock permeability is sufficient to allow energy extraction from production wells. However, the vast majority of geothermal energy within reach of conventional techniques is in dry and non-permeable rock.  EGS technologies “enhance” and/or create geothermal resources in this hot dry rock (HDR) through hydraulic stimulation (same method as fracking). Pumping fluids at high-pressure enhances or creates permeability.  EGS is known to be associated with induced seismicity.
  • HDR and EGS systems are currently being tested at  the Geysers just North of San Francisco, California. The Geysers are a complex of 22 geothermal power plants located at coordinates 38.790556, -122.755833.  If this location is referenced on USGS’s earthquake hazards map, the below map is shown.  Various earthquakes have been induced ranging from Magnitude 1.0 to 3.9 and greater. Also see link.
  • Clearly, those in charge at The Geysers have known about and have been tracking the induced seismicity since the late 1960s.  The chart below shows the increasing levels of earthquakes in the region with Magnitude 4.0+ quakes becoming more common from 1980 to present. The report containing the below chart even expresses concern about the nearby town residents being able to detect seismic events multiple times a day.  Apparently, unanswered questions concerning the unknown effects on nearby active fault lines (see above), what distance those effects extend and long term effects of weakening rocks did little deter continued operation of this facility – even after a 7.1 quake devastated the San Francisco region in 1989.
  • Other EGS Induced Earthquakes:
The well discussed artificial causes of earthquakes are little known but come as no surprise…but are there others?  Perhaps, through years of geological research and accidental discoveries, we learned more about tectonics than is widely known. Perhaps, if all is completely understood and the conditions are just right, a science could be developed to push the terrestrial plates to their threshold, causing them to shift.  This science may have been intentional or unintentional – most probably the latter as mentioned above.  But understanding now that the science of induced seismicity has been understood for several decades now, we can ask how has it’s application and technique changed over that period of time?
Many have speculated that there are already devices that can induce seismicity at will.  But what are they?  And why were they created?
High Frequency Active Auroral Reasearch Program (HAARP) – 
  • The patent application states:  HAARP consists of a method and apparatus for altering a region of the earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere.
  • Their website states:  HAARP is a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes.
There are other patents that were classified under a National Security Directive that apparently discuss weather modification and other extreme applications of HAARP.  Whenever anything this powerful is kept a secret, it fuels speculation and what the mainstream media likes to label conspiracy theories.
Below is a fairly objective, unsensationalized explanation of what HAARP is capable of.  At approximately 4:00 into the video, Earth Tomographer Brooks Agnew discusses the amount of power HAARP is capable of producing.  He describes the effects of 30 watts of power used by Tomographers to find natural gas and oil deep under ground. He also describes the effects of HAARPs use of 1 BILLION watts of energy.  The method that HAARP uses is to the Earth’s atmosphere and ionosphere is what the aforementioned “fracking” is to the physical terrain…except  at a much greater degree.  Watch the video. It is key to understanding HAARP.
It is interesting how the HAARP Public Relations official and the Director try hard to convince us it is a mere communications research station.  When the scientists explain what exactly HAARP does, one would be foolish to believe their explanation.
Just like other geological technologies mentioned above, HAARP makes drastic changes to a living system – in this case, Earth.  Physicist Dr. Beverly Rubik @ 8:32 in the video describes how little knowledge of the effects of HAARP researchers had when the project began and how even a “tiny stimulus” can affect this system.
The video then describes the use of HAARP to actually “lift” the ionosphere by emitting it high watt signal at a certain location.  Dr. Nick Begich goes on to say that when the upper atmosphere (ionosphere) is lifted, the lower atmosphere rushes in to fill the void.  This is basic physics. In the lower atmosphere is the jet-stream.  “Jet streams are caused by a combination of a planet’s rotation on its axis and atmospheric heating” (just like HAARP accomplishes). The jet-stream controls world wide and localized weather weather patterns.  It controls the direction of hurricanes, heat waves and torrential rain.
Like the previously discussed geologic sciences, when HAARP changes the ionosphere (for whatever reason), it indirectly influnces the lower atmosphere which affects the jet-stream, which affects weather patterns. Think the jet-stream is not being redirected?  Consider this:
“During 2007, 2008, 2009 the Jet Stream has been at an abnormally low latitude across the UK, lying closer to the English Channel, around 50°N rather than its more usual north of Scotland latitude of around 60°N. However, between 1979 and 2001, it has been found that the position of the jet stream has been moving northward at a rate of 2.01 kilometres (1.25 mi) per year across the Northern Hemisphere. Across North America, this type of change could lead to drier conditions across the southern tier of the United States and more frequent and more intense tropical cyclones in the tropics.”
But it would seem that there is no way to make deliberate changes to the earth without accidentally changing another part of it.  Like Tomographer Brooks Agnew says @ 9:44 in the above video, when the ionosphere is pushed out, it can release the energy back into the earth at a much higher level.  This is confirmed by Electromagnetic Specialist Dr. Patrick Flannigan @ 7:46 – “It takes a tiny amount of energy to release a huge amount of energy [from the ionosphere back to the earth].”  Flannigan also talks about the amount of energy the ionosphere stores @ 3:46.  Finally, the creator of HAARP, Dr. Bernard Eastlund, admits that HAARP was created with the ability to be aimed.  Therefore, it can be controlled and pointed to aim it’s effects (and side effects) at specific regions.  They have spent the last decade learning to aim it at different parts of the world from it’s northerly position and what side effects said aiming has.
Now imagine for a moment that these “indirect” effects have been understood and are now being used for a purpose. Lift the ionosphere, move weather. Of course, there will still be OTHER indirect effects. So what weather is out there right now that could use some influence? Perhaps a hurricane?
Hurricane Irene (Category 2) – August 23rd, 2011
Notice the wall of clouds coming off the east coast. This is the bottom of a developing area of high pressure coming down from the northern United States.  It is being pushed down by…the jet-stream.
This downward track for the jet-stream is quite obvious, bringing a high-pressure area of around 1012 millibars.  This should bounce the hurricane back out towards the North Atlantic. There is no proof that this is being caused by HAARP, but one could look at abnormal weather elsewhere and wonder if it IS, in fact, played a part and causing unintended side effects.
UPDATE [2011-08-24_19:15-Eastern]
It appears that overnight and into today, the jet-stream influence on the South Eastern United States and even most of the east coast has broken down. There is no longer a substantial level of resistance keeping Hurricane Irene offshore. Hurricane Irene looks like it will make landfall in the next 36 hours, bringing 2 different kinds of ‘natural disasters’ to the east coast in under a week. In the video, notice almost no movement from South Florida through at least North Carolina.  See video below:

For the last month, the jet-stream has been blocking the South-Eastern US from tropical storms and now a hurricane.  The side effect is a month-long heatwave in Texas that has temperatures between 5 and 10 degrees ABOVE the seasonal average. In the above image, you can see the northern jet-stream causing hot desert air to continually recirculate through Texas. Again, no weather expert has confirmed this, but normally, it would seem that cooler air from the western US would move this stagnant air out. As a result, Texas has seen almost a month of temps well over 100 degrees.  Trains have derailed due to warped tracks, people have died, energy grids have strained…and everyone agrees this is not normal weather.  Meanwhile, in Chicago, a cold front is moving in and high winds are expected.  As can be seen in the above jet-stream map, Chicago will be the beneficiary of cooler northern air brought in by the jet-stream.

All this to steer a hurricane? Could  be. The exact same weather patterns were seen earlier in the month when Tropical Storm Emily was approaching the South Eastern United States. No earthquakes though. As mentioned above, it is possible that many variables must combine to enhance conditions for a tectonic shift. One main difference between the present time and early August is the moon phase – again, the since greatest gravitational influence on Earth.  In the August 6th time frame, the moon influence was at it’s weakest – First Quarter.  Or maybe HAARP levels or frequencies differed between then and now.
Either way, we can be sure that the Earthquakes that occurred were not normal.  Two record-breaking, abnormal Earthquakes on both sides of the North American Craton would indicate that an outside influence caused an induced seismic event that wouldn’t have normally happened. Again, Cratons are typically stable, ancient plates that are not affected by surface tectonic movement.
Theoretically, 1+ Gigawatt of HAARP energy multiplied and reflected from the ionosphere and could have penetrated through the surface layers of the Earth’s crust, depressing (or attracting/raising) the Craton over a large geographic area, causing a shift. 
Looking at the HAARP Fluxgate Magnetometer operated from the HAARP site in Gakona, Alaska by the University of Alaska Geophysical Institute, we can see that HAARP may have been activated during the period of August 23rd based on the ionospheric disturbances picked up by the meter.
The website explains the chart as follows:
The three traces represent mutually orthogonal components of the earth’s magnetic field as follows:
  • The “H” component (black trace) is positive magnetic northward
  • The “D” component (red trace) is positive eastward
  • The “Z” component (blue trace) is positive downward

Geomagnetic storminess is usually indicated in oscillatory variations in the earth’s magnetic field. Additional detail concerning the nature and severity of the ionospheric disturbance can be found through analysis of the three components of the field.

Was steering the Hurricane the purpose and the earthquake was a side effect? Creating the earthquake the purpose and shifting the jet-steam the purpose? Why spare the Florida coast of a hurricane (if that happens – it’s still out there) and send it to Mid-Atlantic/New England area?  Why subject Texas to a heat-wave?  The earthquake was minor and caused little damage and no loss of life, so perhaps Virginia took one for the team.  Analyzing global weather conditions, earthquakes and abnormalities carefully could shed more light on what could have been related events.
One thing is for sure – there has been a GLOBAL uptick in recent earthquake activity – from hot spots like the “Ring of Fire” region (Alaska, California, North/Central/South American West Coast, Pacific Islands and the Asian East Coast) to smaller continental plates in the Caribbean to locations where earthquakes are actually quite rare.  We can rule out the aforementioned “known” alternate causes – IE – small scale induced seismicity.  Examples like reservoirs, mining, fracking and EGS are all localized and manifest as such.  That leaves a large scale natural event (not likely due to the rarity of specific occurrences) or a large scale induced event.  There is a possibility that geological modification or destruction has finally spiraled out of the control of those who sought to harness the earth’s natural systems.
There is no concrete proof one way or another.  If induced, no solid motive can be known. First, with all classified and top secret projects, almost nothing is known – even by insiders.  So all information (without a trusted source) is purely speculation based on known data and facts which are usually only circumstantially connected.
Is weather modification possible? Absolutely. Multiple government officials have admitted it – even if the mainstream media never announced it and most people think it’s myth.  Can earthquakes be seismically induced?  Without a doubt.  Can HAARP perform both of these functions?  Most probably, yes – the scientific data understood about HAARP – IE, what HAARP is known to be capable of – are all of the things that also affect weather and seismicity.  Still, the use of HAARP yesterday cannot be proven beyond reasonable doubt.
Some of the extreme examples of  wild ‘conspiracy’-related motives include double-natural disaster events in the nations capital which would lead to Nuke plant shutdowns, national guard or troop deployments or even martial law.  Some speculate that martial law and constitutional suspension are goals of “those in control” so that they may tighten their grasp on out of control and disgruntled citizens. You need only search the internet to find these  seemingly insane theories.
In conclusion, when something extremely abnormal occurs, it is healthy to ask questions. Over the last decade, we’ve seen many things where the explanations do not make sense and we cannot automatically assume we are being told the truth.  Many times in recent history, the public has been lead to believe the official story only to find out that it was a carefully constructed lie backed by propaganda in the media and bolstered by ignorant puppeted politicians regurgitating what they’ve been told.

In this case, these events could be natural or man-made.  We may not know as much as we think about the long-term cycles of the earth and the changes it undergoes on the scale of thousands of years.  On the other hand, it would be absurd to rule out the possibility of these events being orchestrated by a hidden hand we know nothing about.  A magicians charade is only successful when the nature of the magic is not known.  People do not appreciate being lied to and secrets are kept and compartmentalized for this reason.  All we can do is continue to  watch try to ascertain the truth.  Will there be another earthquake when the next Solar Wind band passes on the 27-28th?  Will the Hurricane make landfall?  Will both happen around the same time around the Washington DC area?  Time will tell – be prepared.

Update:  See Part Two Here


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