The Strange Events of September 11, 2001 – “Loose Change” Trilogy [Documentary] Pt 1, 2 & 3 – Required Watching!

Approaching the 10 year anniversary of the events of September 11th, 2001, some of us may be reminded again of what happened that day with the Mainstream Media and various TV networks releasing new programming about this most infamous day in American History.  Others have never forgotten.

New programming includes NatGeo’s (Owned by NBC/GE) “George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview” and Discovery’s (Owned by FoxNews) “Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero”. While the latter may be a worthwhile piece in it’s own right, many programs are lacking information or rife with misinformation.  10 years later, those who lost friends and family may not have the answers they deserve.  10 years later, the American people do not have the answers they deserve.

It may be easy to believe the official story of “9/11” – it would seem to make sense – terrorists, revenge, hatred for the Western world…but the reality does not match up.  There are hundreds upon hundreds of unanswered questions.  Many of those questions could easily be put to rest by Government officials with access to information that has been classified “in the interest of National Security” (bin Laden is dead and 10 years have passed – how could it possibly threaten national security?!).  Others answers are not as easy to come by.

Many people refuse to believe anything other than what they’ve been told, all the while assuming they are governed by benevolent and honest leadership – a democratic government who would never deceive them. This is partially true. But others who have chose to question the answers are not so sure and are often met with smug complacency and pretentious judgement from the rest of the populace who brand them as paranoid conspiracy mongers.

The reality is that those who died on 9/11 deserve justice – justice that is not being served in further catastrophic loss of human life in a 10 year global “War on Terrorism”, by the partial dismantling of habeas corpus, by the creation of the farcical and traitorous Department of Homeland Security, by the Constitution-crushing US Patriot Act and by the continued cover-up that masquerades as “truth”.

Loose Change, a three part documentary that’s been released over the last three years presents compelling evidence that, at very least, should raise some suspicion as to what really happened 10 years ago – but hopefully will spark a curiosity inside some of us who stopped caring about this day a long time ago and gone on with our lives accepting whatever tangential changes this day brought about.

There aren’t many weeks that go by that I don’t think about this day.  At first, it was grief. Then, my thoughts were consumed with whys and hows. And now that I’ve done hours upon hours of reading and research (which surely adds up to days upon days), I am back to the feeling of grief.  Both for the loss of life and the understanding of the loss of our country.  The reality is, if this event was engineered by someone other than terrorists in a cave, the answers may NEVER surface. Most evidence was destroyed or permanently obscured and what IS left has been classified by our Government.  This is yet another argument in favor of OPEN GOVERNMENT around the world.  I digress…

If you want to honor all who lost their innocent lives in the hours of catastrophe on September 11th, the dedicated volunteers who became ill and died as a result of the clean up in extremely hazardous and unsafe conditions at “ground zero” and the brave men and women of our armed forces who return home injured or dead every day for the ideals of freedom and liberty – watch this trilogy of documentaries.  You deserve to know.

The following videos are the low quality, free versions; but I recommend seeking out the High Quality copies. Worth it.





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