Obama Prediction Finally Correct: “Lone Wolf Terror Events” Occur – Further Domestic Surveillance Coming?

Obama’s Crystal Ball Correctly Predicts Uptick in Domestic “Lone-Wolf” Terror – [Spy]Game on!

In the middle of August, President Barack Obama warned that the biggest threat to America on 9/11 and the days after it does not come from Al Qaeda. No; his prediction: “Lone-Wolf” terror events.

“As President of the United States I worry about all of it, but the most likely scenario ends up being a lone wolf operations rather than a large well coordinated attack,” he told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

This prediction comes from the same President who incorrectly foresaw almost event preceding it; from significant political events which are his job to understand and foresee, to banal sporting events, for which he takes many notable breaks from his job to make an attempt at understanding.

Take the January 2009 Stimulus package.  Obama predicts the Stimulus saving 3,000,000 jobs.  Without it, they’d be gone. What actually happened? Watch:

Or even Obama’s prediction on the ultimate resignation of Qaddafi and the collapse of his “regime” in late March 2011 due to him no longer having control of Libya.  (As we all know, Gaddafi is still in control as of September 2011).

Or how about Obama’s prediction that the Chicago Bears would beat the Green Bay Packers in January 2011’s NFC Title game? His guess – 20 – 17, Bears.

Of course, this really means nothing…most people have already established that Mr. Obama is inexperienced at everything.



The Lone Wolves Strike

But somehow, just three weeks after Obama guesses that Al Qaeda (who’s been Global Terrorism Enemy #1 for a DECADE) will not be as big of a threat as mere “Lone Wolf Terrorists”, there are TWO Lone Wolf type events in under 24 hours.  Coincidence, spot-on prediction or….????

The first occurred in Carson City, Nevada when a man with an AK-47 assault rifle shot an entire group of five uniformed National Guard members eating breakfast at a Nevada IHOP on Tuesday, killing two of them and another person in a hail of gunfire.  The suspect, 32-year-old Eduardo Sencion of Carson City, also shot himself and later died at a hospital. Seven people were wounded in the attack at a strip mall near a casino and department store in the state’s capital.The gunman’s motive was unclear, but authorities are investigating whether the military members were targeted. The two Guardsmen killed were men; another woman also was shot and killed.

The second, involves Navy Corpsman, Daniel Morgan, 22.  He was last seen at Camp Pendleton, a Marine Corps base just north of San Diego, on Tuesday night and was absent without authorization.  His recovered “writings” allegedly described plating a bomb at San Clemente High School which set off a massive evacuation on September 7th, during the first week of school in Southern California. Sheriff’s officials did not discuss a motive or detail what Morgan allegedly described in his writings, other than to say he had placed explosives in or around San Clemente High.

Interestingly enough, both events involved military personnel – as the perpetrators and the victims.  So, how did he make this prediction?   The FBI and Department of Homeland Security back his guess and elaborate:

“Small-arms operations could be employed through a range of tactics from a lone offender–as illustrated by the recent 22 July 2011 lone shooter attack that took place in Norway–to a coordinated small-unit attack involving several operatives. Recent lone offender attacks and plots in the United States and abroad illustrate the effectiveness of the small-arms tactic and the need for continued vigilance and awareness of this tactic.

How did he make the correlation between an event that happened in Norway and a imminent increase in domestic Lone Wolf Terrorism events? The incident in Norway was probably the most violent and well-documented case that is being referred to as a Lone Wolf incident. But it can in no way be used as an example of why the US should expect more events here – only a growing number of domestic cases would lead authorities and Government officials to that conclusion.

Would-be terror suspects Mohamed Mamdouh (l.), 20, and Ahmed Ferhani (r.), 26.

One recent “plot” that made Lone Wolf headlines:   New York police arrested Algerian-born Ahmed Ferhani, 26, and Mohamed Mamdouh, 20, a naturalized American citizen from Morocco, on May 11 in Manhattan after what they refer to as a 7 month “investigation”.  They claim to have ‘foiled’ a terror plot where the two men planned to attack New York Synagogue (no specific one in mind), a church (non-descript) and the Empire State Building.  Even though two of the three alleged targets have nothing to do with Jewish people, New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly stated that the two men were motivated by “a pathological hatred of Jewish people”. Ferhani and Mamhoud were arrested after apparently buying guns, an inert hand grenade and ammunition from an undercover detective.  The men drew attention to themselves after getting drunk and watching a movie called “The Ultra Zionists” with what turned out to be an undercover officer.

So,which came first, the wrong-doing, or the undercover operation? Their intent to carry out a poorly planned out crime was apparently enough for an arrest and national headlines of Lone Wolf Terror suspects looking to kill and blow up the Empire State Building – with a single hand grenade. But since the arrest, both suspects claim to be innocent and victims of a sting.  The first suspect, Mahmoud, caved in initial hearings blaming everything on his friend, Ferhani, but admits Ferhani does not have the “balls” to kill anyone.  Ferhani, his mother and his Lawyer, Steven Pokart, all claim that he was the victim of an illegal sting utilizing entrapment and coercion.  The evidence against these two was apparently so weak and ‘hyped’, that the FBI refused to join the case, which says a lot when one understands the kind of sting operations the FBI is sometimes involved in.

On June 15th, a Grand Jury dropped the charge of second-degree conspiracy to commit terrorism (which carried a life sentence) and have replaced it with a mere weapons charge, which the men have plead not guilty to.  As usual, there aren’t many headlines announcing this and even though the courts are no longer considering this a terrorism-related event, the case is still referred to in the media as a lone-wolf incident.  Everyone is still on high alert thinking terrorism is bound to happen and the NYPD and FBI are justified in their sting and surveillance operations…even though no actual violence occurred, no one died, no terrorism happened.  This is just one of many examples of terrorism stings that are often orchestrated more so by Law Enforcement than by the suspects themselves.  In this case, it serves it’s purpose of furthering the Lone Wolf rhetoric, then is dropped.

To be fair, terrorism plots DO occur.  But FBI records show that their Nation-wide list of anti-terror operations only include two cases where the accused terrorists were unaffiliated with a larger organization – February’s case involving Khalid Ali-M Aldawasari and May’s case involving American Muslim converts Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif and Walli Mujahidh – meaning that only three of  nineteen suspects arrested by the FBI this year are considered Lone Wolves.



…And Out Come the Wolves…

Outside of manufactured stings by NYPD anti-terror units and FBI, there is a lack of real evidence supporting the Lone-Wolf claim.  While there may be one or two a year, the data just does not show cause for Obama to make an announcement warning the American people that there are Lone Wolf’s out there, “angry at or frustrated by their life situation and open to the influence of terrorist rhetoric”. Allegedly, the American Muslim community is full of these “lone wolves ” just sitting out there fuming, aching to vent their anger.  Perhaps the Obama Administration doesn’t want any trouble when they give the go-ahead at the Federal, State and Local levels to begin an unprecedented surveillance campaign against thousands of people who aren’t committing any crime and as such, preemptively warns us all of what is to come.  The resulting  spying is merely for our own good.  According to a Huffington Post article:

The New York City Police Department has been spying on hundreds of Muslim mosques, schools, businesses, student groups, non-governmental organizations and individuals.  The spying operation has targeted virtually every level of Muslim life in New York City, from cafes to grammar schools, according to a trove of pages of Intelligence Division documents obtained by NYPD Confidential.  The breadth and scope of the surveillance described in the documents suggest that the police have been painting with a broad brush and may have targeted subjects without specific tips about wrongdoing.

The NYPD’s spying operation has compiled information on 250 mosques, 12 Islamic schools, 31 Muslim Student Associations, 263 places it calls “ethnic hotspots,” such as businesses and restaurants as well as 138 “persons of interest,” according to the Intel documents.  Police have singled out 53 mosques, four Islamic schools and seven Muslim student associations as institutions of “concern. ” They have also labeled 42 individuals as top tier “persons of interest.”  At least 32 mosques have been infiltrated by either undercover officers, informants, or both, according to documents, which are dated between 2003 and 2006 and marked “secret.”  The NYPD has also been monitoring Muslim Student Associations at seven local colleges: City College, Baruch, and Queens, LaGuardia and St. John’s and Brooklyn College.

It appears that no one outside the police department is monitoring the NYPD’s anti-terrorism measures. A former anti-terrorism commissioner described the NYPD as “a municipal agency operating like a mini-CIA.”  In fact, these operations have benefited from unprecedented help from the CIA, a partnership that has blurred the line between foreign and domestic spying.

NYPD Intelligence Units are also engaged in out-of-state operations, spying on political groups; the department’s botched sting operation in New Jersey; and a connection to the CIA through Deputy Commissioner of the Intelligence Division David Cohen, a former top CIA top official, and through Larry Sanchez, another former CIA official, who, until his retirement earlier this year, was listed in the police roster as an NYPD Assistant Commissioner of the Intelligence Division.  Last month, Associated Press reporters in Washington uncovered evidence that the NYPD’s spying is far larger than previously reported. The AP report stated that the department had targeted ethnic communities “in ways that would run afoul of civil liberties rules if practiced by the federal government.”  Paul Browne, NYPD spokesman, of course points to a number of unnamed plots supposedly foiled by the department as justification for spying.

It seems that the NYPD’s main focus began with Muslim individuals and groups in the New York Metropolitan area as the targets of their surveillance and infiltration operations, but as indicated above, has since expanded out of the city, out of the state and now includes “political groups”.  Their  justification for venturing not only out of the state, but out of their previous terror profiling is unknown, but this CIA/NYPD joint operation sets an extremely dangerous precedent for the rest of the country.

Given that this week’s “Lone-Wolf” terror events (AND the foreign Lone-Wolf attack in Norway that Obama, FBI and DHS cited as an example) did not involve Muslim Americans, one can assume that groups involved in heavy illegal domestic surveillance dragnets will no longer just focus on one religious group as they have in the past.  These events combined with the January shooting of 20 people (6 died) at a political function in Tucson, Arizona by maniac Jared Lee Loughner, may shift more emphasis to monitoring all Americans. Profiling one group based on their religious beliefs has NEVER been okay – even though it’s been a fact of life for Muslims since 9/11 – but now every single American, regardless of spiritual beliefs, may soon have to expect this treatment if they express a dissenting point of view.

Protesters, Political Activists and Dissidents, no matter how peaceful their intentions, were closely and illegally monitored in the 196os and 1970s in covert and highly secretive operations involving the NYPD, CIA (Operation CHAOS) and FBI (COINTELPRO) – often with no oversight.  Civil liberties were seemingly “restored” for a few decades after a domestic spying crackdown.  However with the recent blurring of the lines between what defines spooks and cops, questioning the Government could now be considered more dangerous than ever and may land you on a list of “persons of interest”.  And one had better hope that once they are being watched, they don’t loose their cool and express any violent or extreme points of view – no matter how benign their actual intentions may be.

These rouge, metro/state-level spy groups (operating with no oversight) already have the obvious approval of Obama after his agreement and announcement of his Lone Wolf fear campaign and these further events of the past few days (even though they are not being overtly labeled as extreme Lone Wolf events) are all the justification that is needed to further strip away the privacy and civil liberties of the American people through the co-opting of normal law enforcement units into the job of spying on those they are sworn to “protect and serve”.  These activities are obviously encroaching into a shady and dubious legal territory, but the justice department has not even batted an eyelash; let alone inquired about the legality of the operation.

Overall, it seems too easy:

  • Officially announce fear of future Muslim-planned terror events, Muslim-planned terror events occur, illegal domestic surveillance on Muslims is conducted without scrutiny, in the name of National Security.
  • Officially announce fear of future “lone wolf” terror events, lone wolf terror events occur, illegal domestic surveillance on…well, anybody…is conducted without scrutiny, in the name of National Security.

So easy, it almost seems planned……nah. No way.  It remains to be seen how the rest of this Lone Wolf scenario plays out in this week leading up to September 11th and the weeks after.


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