MSNBC Distorts Post-Debate Poll Results; Shows Ron Paul Just Barely Winning

Further Proving that the  Main Stream Media is complicit in Government supported lies and subversive propaganda campaigns, MSNBC distorts user Poll results to show Ron Paul as barely winning – a subtle visual mind game used to trick the public into the continuing conclusion that Ron Paul cannot win a GOP Presidential nomination.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  The people speak and a candidate is chosen; nothing is as impossible as the Mainstream Brainwashing Machine would have you believe.

Last night’s debate was being framed on early morning Fox and CNN programming as a debate between “Romney and Perry”.  Those who did not watch may still believe that those are the ONLY actual candidates.  Not true. Ron Paul is in it to win and people agree with what he has to say to the tune of 54.5%.

First, look at MSBNCs Poll Results chart – note the difference in bar size between Ron Paul’s 54.5% and 2nd Place Candidate Mitt Romney’s 15.6% (as of approx 5PM Eastern):

When you take the exact same numbers and plug them into your own chart, you get a drastically different point of view on who clearly was the winner:

Clearly, the data was subject to severe distortion.  Earlier in the day, Natural News showed an even more distorted view of the results:

The propaganda campaign was running from the very beginning and was even more blatant this morning, showing Romney’s 21% almost beating Paul’s more-than-double 43%!

On this anti-Ron Paul smear campaign, Natural News Points out:

As you can see from the screen shot (above), this deliberate shortening of the Ron Paul bar was reserved solely for him, as all the rest of the candidates have accurate bar lengths. For example Rick Perry, who received 16.4% of the votes, has a bar that’s roughly twice as long as Jon Huntsman, who received 7.8%.

And Huntsman’s bar is roughly twice as long as that of Newt Gingrich, who received 4% of the votes. In fact, all the bars are accurate in the depiction of the pole except for Ron Paul’s. His has been artificially shortened.

It’s yet another example of the malicious dirty tricks being used against Ron Paul by the mainstream media which has gone out of its way to smear this man in every way possible, includingdistorting survey resultsin a way that makes them visually misleading. In reality,Ron Paul is the landslide favoritebecause Americans are waking up and realizing there is no candidate running for President (from either party) that has the integrity and 100% constitutional track record of Rep. Ron Paul.

No wonder the media has to cheat and lie to try to destroy this guy. If given an honest shot at the presidency, without the black box voting fraud and media smear campaigns,Ron Paul would undoubtedly win in a landslide.

Yessir! I recommend that the voting public rise up against this attempt to silence them – REGISTER REPUBLICAN AND VOTE IN THE PRIMARY ELECTION. You can always become a Democrat again later…besides, Democrats have already chosen a candidate in Barack Obama – the man who has accomplished nothing.  Who runs against Obama will be the most important part of the election and the Media is definitely doing their part in attempting to influence who is chosen for this role with an all out smoke and mirrors campaign – from Fox News to CNN to MSNBC.

Lesson learned? Fact check your news before consumption.


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