Police Power-trip & Brutality Compilation

Do our police forces protect and serve the people? Or the corporatocracy that exists inside our government?  Cops are turning into a gang of thugs, brutalizing and killing citizens and infringing upon their God-given and constitutional rights; many times without recourse.

Non-Arrest/Pre-Arrest Un-provoked Brutality

2008 Mayday Minority Rights Protest – Los Angeles, Ca: Peaceful Protest Marches and News/Media Camera Crews are attacked

2003 – Hazelwood, Mo:  A police officer on a power trip arrests a firefighter trying to assist an injured person

06/2011 – Fullerton, Ca: Police harass, then beat to to death a young homeless man with mental problems as he screams “daddy”.  Cops hold him down as he is repeatedly tasered and beaten to the point of death.

09/2011 Occupy Wall Street Protests – New York, Ny:  Police corral a group of young, female peaceful protesters.  A white shirt officer then pepper sprays them for no reason.

09/2011 – Occupy Wall Street Protests – New York, Ny:  Peaceful protests are taken down by cops with body-slams, punches and knees to the throat.

2010 – Maryland:  After their college wins a basketball game, students spill into the streets to celebrate the big win.  As a camera rolls, and students cheer (and obviously see the cops), two students skip down the street (from the right) in revelry and come face to face with a group of police officers, present for unknown reasons, who proceed to beat one of these kids for no reason.

April 2010 – Chicago, Il.: Cop signals man to pull over 150 feet from his driveway. Man pulls into his drive, exits his vehicle and complies. The cop then begins beating him with his baton.

Post-Arrest; Alleged ‘provoked’ Brutality

2008? – Shreveport, La: Police arrest Angela Garbarino and allege she is drunk. The cop was later fired and a tape later emerged from the next room where you can hear the cop throwing her into a filing cabinet, which the victim verifies. Police, however, did not press charges due to “lack of evidence” as to what happened…even though you can clearly see the victim bleeding from the face after being thrown into a wall on tape by a man who clearly outweighs her and did not need to use such force.

2008 – Seattle, Wa:  King County Sheriffs are moving a 15 year old girl into a holding cell for unknown reasons.  At the beginning of the video, you can see her cross her arms and lightly kick her shoe off out of the cell door.  The officer enter the cell, punching the young girl with full force directly in the face.  After throwing her into a wall, then to the ground and putting a knee in her back, he punches the subdues girl twice more in the head.  After placing handcuffs on her, he lifts her up off the floor by her hair.

Jan 2009 – Sacramento, Ca: Man arrested after calling the cops during altercation with his brother. Cops bash mans head against the wall while he is still and in handcuffs.


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