More Signs Point to Iranian Assassination Plot being Inside Job

"Iranian sponsored plotter", Manssor Arbabsiar

Earlier this week, the American propaganda apparatus was cranking out a new machination at full force – Iran sponsored terrorists attempted to carry out the assassination of the Saudi-Arabian Ambassador to the United States. Barry Obama, Hillary Robot Clinton and all the rest of the usual political hyper- ventilators went straight to work screaming foul. But something smelled foul about this from the very beginning. Now there is more information to back it up.

1.The assassination method didnt make sense – a bombing in a crowded restaurant? If someone really want the Ambassador dead, there are much better ways:  staged “mugging” gone wrong, poison, even an old-fashioned, straight up bullet…
2.The Iranians supposedly tried to hire a member of a mexican drug cartel (who just so happened to be an informant????) to do the hit – Why hire someone like that (unreliable, drug-trafficking Rambo-type) when you are performing a significant, political hit? Even if you don’t want an Iranian to do it, there are so many better options.
3. Total payment for the job was supposed to be $1.5m with two payments of $49k made up front as a down payment.  $99k down on a $1.5m contract?! That comes out to about 6%!  What kind of down payment is that??


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