Google disables more search features;

Months after Google disables their “Realtime” search option, they decide to also scrap their “Timeline” search feature, making online research and information collection more difficult.

Google has always had a robust set of online search tools and supporting applications which often set the bar in the virtual marketplace, quickly propelling them to the world’s most popular search engine.  So why the bacward steps? The tools were already developed and paid for and were popular destinations for many online researchers scouring the web for data and information.

Google Realtime Search was a collection of up to the minute feeds collected from twitter and various other sources which could give researchers a clear picture of developing stories as they unfolded.

Google Timeline was the opposite, allowing researchers to look into the past and see a clearer picture of trends, dates and emerging topics; often including links to original newspaper articles and relevant documents.

Why shut down two powerful search tools? One of the reasons that comes to the forefront of more skeptical minds is information control. Without a direct link to the past and present, the complete picture seems to be deliberately obscured.  And Without a good look at the big picture, it becomes much more difficult to comprehend future possibilities in almost any scenario.

Internet information control has been in stalemate among advocates, activists, politicians, law makers and businesses for quite some time, but make no mistake: the information war has begun without them and being waged right this moment whether they come to any agreements or not…and it is clear what side Google has chosen. After all, with all the Government has handed them on a silver platter, it’s the least they can do.


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