Kony 2012: Think For Yourself…

Recently going Viral across social media and the internet, Invisible Children’s KONY 2012 Video is seemingly everywhere you look. In a follow up to the article posted in October 2011 entitled “US Plays Both Sides in Uganda“, the video will be posted here for viewing and commentary. As the makers of the video state:

“KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.”

It must be remembered, however, that even though there are figureheads who are apparently (according to this video) the lone forces behind world-wide atrocities, a deeper look into the inner machinations will show that there are other forces at work behind the scenes. A single war-lord is not the root-cause of all of Africa’s problems and the video fails to mention this. Even so, it would seem that one less sub-human who agrees to be complicit in these horrible crimes is a step forward, no matter who is actually running the show.  But before jumping to conclusions during or after watching this video, ask yourself: “What is the REAL purpose of this video?  What idea is this infomercial really trying to sell me on?”


To accomplish this goal of “bringing Joseph Kony to justice”, those who support this cause must be adamant that the Western powers DO NOT use traditional military force to once again enter African nations under the guise of a humanitarian cause while instead only accomplishing their neo-imperialist agenda, but they are not. Many claim this video to be expertly produced and executed propaganda for just such an incursion to capture the wealth of natural resources in whichever African nation they claim to be harboring this monster, Joseph Kony.

While the supposed cause [at the surface] seems to have it’s heart in the right place, the makers (if genuinely concerned), need to take a step back and take action against those who directly and indirectly support these atrocities and allow them to happen. There have been numerous responses to this video that say awareness does nothing, but this is just not true. Awareness of an issue is merely the first step. Those behind the Kony 2012 campaign would need to continue this fight and produce follow up videos exposing the real truth surrounding the exploitation of not just African children, but an entire continent in the name of US mineral wealth and foreign policy objectives if they want to have any future credibility.

All in all, the actions of a few have at very least shown that large-scale awareness of truth IS possible if presented properly. Getting people to care IS possible. Maintaining interest is the next challenge…and after that, they must find a way to foster ACTION from those who are okay with just getting upset, then doing nothing.  But something tells us that this charity will do no such thing. They will not produce a follow up video looking at the “big picture”. They will not be successful in lobbying the US Government to responsibly and selflessly take appropriate action to bring a criminal and his network to justice.

Instead, pockets will be lined with the profits of “Action Kits”, T-Shirts and charitable donations from those who want to do something, but have no idea where to start because the American public is so far removed from involvement in Government, politics and the fundamental basics of taking action to accomplish goals. Americans are more comfortable with the system in place of letting elected representatives take the helm or letting some organization with unknown affiliations and motivations dictate what is done and how it is done.

The solution of ‘military action’ is too broad and unable to be controlled once it is unleashed. Calling for military action is wrong since it only perpetuates the current modis operandi of “war solves all the worlds problems”. The solution of further heightened awareness in and of itself does nothing. The video already accomplished this very important first step. Action kits and posters are just awareness on top of awareness. Americans must be informed that the next step is ultimately going to be left up to each one of them. And it has nothing to do with posters OR making some psychopath famous (again, the video already accomplished this). The next step is individual empowerment through knowledge by personal research. Establish an educated dialogue between those who have educated themselves. Do not empower the hegemonic powers of the world by looking to those who claim to “represent” us. This will not change the course of the United States and their efforts to ramp up their covert war in Africa against China and others to steal resources from these people and their nations. Our representatives, even most who claim to love “peace” (Obama) will only perpetuate war by imposing more war. When will people learn that wars will NOT end wars? What does everyone think the purpose of US Military trainers in Uganda (etc) is? Who will they be training? The very same underprivileged younger generation that Kony exploited in the past, that’s who. Kony trains to kill and the US will do the same thing. Kony trains pawns to fight for his empowerment and the strength of foreign powers who he represents. The US will do the same. The United States does not have the Ugandan people’s interests at heart. And it should not be believed that “Invisible Children” does either until they prove this to be true. Educate. Think for yourself. Solve this problem peacefully. Or at least TRY. And if your solution at least “resonates” with the Ugandans who’ve lived through these tragedies, you are at least beginning to get on the right track.


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