2012 Widespread US Vote Fraud…

The 2012 are Primaries Rigged Against Ron Paul…Brought to you by Goldman Sachs

Sources: DailyPaul/FarmWars

The US helps dictators and puppets around the world RIG elections – why would ANYONE believe it is not done here?! In the past several Presidential elections, can you recall a time when primary elections came down to a matter of a few votes so many times?  Also, when was the last time you recall hearing about so many malfunctions and mistakes in the primary elections? Votes weren’t counted in Maine. The winner of the Iowa Caucus flip-flopped. Delegate procedural errors in Georgia. Malfunctions in Alabama and other states. The list is too long to NOT be suspect. You would have to be brain dead to not notice something is not right.

It is CLEAR that the establishment FEARS the momentum behind Presidential Candidate and champion of Liberty, Ron Paul, and is doing everything in it’s power to ensure he does not win the Republican primary. Instead, the elite would have their two zombie candidates, Mitt Romney and Barry Obama duke it out in the Presidential “election”.  Your vote no longer counts…unless you vote how THEY want you to vote.

A few examples:




Even Ron Paul realizes it:


So, to vote or not to vote, that is the question. Whether it is better to try and overturn a corrupt system by using the tools of that system to effect change or to completely discard what we know to be a lie, is a choice that each American must make. To that end, please look at the following videos that provide proof that election results can be stolen quite easily, especially when the people behind the system have everything to gain by doing so.


The first video shows who is behind the election management system. This name should ring a bell – Goldman Sachs.


This next video shows exactly how the electronic voting system can be manipulated quite easily.


Whether or not you decide to participate in the upcoming elections, be aware that the system is rigged.


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