We Are Fighting an Enemy that Doesn’t Exist in a War that Doesn’t End…

Former CIA “Bin-Laden Unit” Chief: “Washington’s Enemy is an Enemy that Doesn’t Exist”

“Washington’s enemy is an enemy that doesn’t exist…. it didn’t exist when Bin Laden was alive, it doesn’t exist now.” 

Former Chief of the CIA’s “Bin Laden Unit”, Michael Scheuer openly [discusses this and more] in an RT interview;

Washington’s enemy is an enemy that doesn’t exist.  We’re fighting an Islamic enemy that Washington believes is out to kill us because we have elections, because we’re “free”, because we have women in the workplace. It’s an enemy that doesn’t exist. It didn’t exist when Bin Laden was alive, it doesn’t exist now.”

“America is being attacked because of it’s foreign policy…because of the Saudi police-state, because of it’s presence on the Arabian Peninsula, because of it’s relationship with Isreal…Israel as a country isn’t the problem. The leaders of the Jewish-American community  in the United States who influence and corrupt our congress into supporting Israel when we have no interests there.”

“The American political establishment is … almost Marxist in their belief that Democracy and the spread of Democracy is inevitable in all people, in all places, at all times. … There is not going to be a Democracy in Tunisia, or Libya or Egypt that in any way resembles Democracy in the West. What they’ve done is create Anarchy.  They’ve created a situation where the only beneficiaries are the Islamists. The guns that have flown out of Egypt, out of Tunisia, out of Libya have been enormous in their volume and their prisons that have opened have reinforced Islamist groups around the world. Their mindless pursuit of secular Democracy, at the end of the day, endangers the region and probably the whole world.  [As a result of this, we’re going to see further radicalization], especially in Africa.  The guns that are flowing out of the three places that there were “Arab Spring” revolts are going to cause problems in Somalia, across North Africa and in Nigeria.”

“The truth is, American and Western foreign policy interests in the Middle East for 50 years have depended on the maintenance of tyranny – tyranny that gave us access to oil, tyranny that protected Israel and in the last 20 years, tyrannies that persecuted Islamists to protect us.”

There is a very strong [radical] Islamist presence in Libya. Since the war against the Soviets in the 80s in Afghanistan, Libya has sent [more] of it’s people to fight in the Islamist insurgencies as any other country in North African, perhaps outside of Saudi Arabia.  The LIFG fought a long time against the Soviets, they fought against Kadhaffi, a great number of Libyans went to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight us, and whatever strength the Libya resistance had in terms of military capability, that came from experienced Islamist fighters.  So the idea that somehow there’s Democracy afoot in Libya is just simply wrong.

“We are very effcient in this day and age, in the last 20 years, in creating enemies [to go out and fight]. We’re not very efficient in creating security for the United States. We have the best educated people in the world, yet we have the people with the [least] amount of common sense.  How many times have we heard Mr. Clinton, Mr. Bush, Mr. Obama say ‘This has nothing to do with religion; this is not a religious war; this is about a bunch of people who are just madmen’?  We are definitely fighting a religious war and until we come to realize that, we are never going to defeat [the war]. In fact, we’re encouraging a new generation of people who are going to fight us.”

“[The current expansion into the Persian Gulf, the increase in deployed ground troops and the new Drone bases] demonstrates the ignorance of the United States Government in terms of it’s political leadership about what our problem is in the Muslim world.  The key point for formation of al-Qaeda was the presence of  US Military forces on the Arabian Peninsula.  15 years after they declared war on us, we’re now going to take people out of Iraq and put them in Kuwait and Bahrain and Saudi Arabia reinforcing our presence on the Arabian Peninsula. This is only going to cause us more foes and more enemies in the Islamic world. It’s a contradiction.

“[Pulling the US forces out of these countries would at least] deny the terrorists the ‘glue’ of unity that keeps them focused on the United States.  If we weren’t the main enemy, they would be attacking Israel, they would be attacking the Saudis, they would be attacking the Morroccans.  I say let them go. Some people say they Chinese will them come in. I say let them deal with these people for the next 50 years, we’ve had enough of it.

“But I think the point is, the Americans can’t get out. We’re dependent on the Saudis to maintain our interest in the world oil market, and next to the Chinese, the Saudis buy more of our debt than anyone else.  So as long as we’re side-by-side with the Saudis and with the Israelis, we’re stuck in the Middle East and America will continue to bleed.

Watch the interview (mostly transcribed above), here:



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