FBI Theater-Terror-Warning Memo Unearthed

Video Source: DutchSince

Original Document (Download Link Below):


This document, if genuine, gives more credence to the working theory by many that the FBI was in some way responsible for orchestrating the theater attacks. Their previous MO is to “catch” the terrorist before they strike, which is a contradiction in this case. It’s possible that this operation may cross over into a more CIA-specific realm of the mind-controlled killer, the proverbial Manchurian Candidate. Because simulated state terrorism to accomplish domestic political objectives is the FBI’s domain and execution of said terrorism using a brainwashed killer is the CIA’s domain, this may well have been a joint operation (of course, all high-level as usual).
How the FBI can make a connection between a random suicide bombing in Mogadishu and a single mention of a decade old theater bombing by Chechens in Moscow and some how come out with a Domestic Terrorism Bulletin based on “no specific or credible information” that foreign terrorists even plan on making an attack in the US is anyone’s guess.
The fact that they predicted this 3 months before the event actually occurred (again, based on NO evidence what so ever, just a guess) is a mere coincidence (right?); that it follows their recent predictions of increased “Lone Wolf” attacks by US Citizens on the US populace is conveniently coincidental (insert scoff) and that it all went down just before a major UN Vote on moving towards a world with no private gun ownership (based on the notion that guns in the hands of the citizenry is dangerous) is improbably coincidental. Or is it? ….Or is it? ….Or iisss it?


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