Cops Manipulate Crime Stats, Whistleblower Jailed (again)

In a move to make the New York Police Department look like a model police force for the rest of the nation, a high level internal cabal has been manipulating crime statistics.

For the past several years, the NYPD has been becoming more and more militarized, even going so far as buying certain anti-aircraft weaponry. The goal, surely, is to mold every police force in the nation like the NYPD. If police across the nation were wearing the same tactical gear and had access to the same tactical vehicles and weaponry as our armed forces overseas, there would then be no reason to suspend posse comitatus – we would essentially have a standing military who’s enemy would be the American people and their criminal atrocities. If there is any doubt that our law enforcement officers would use force against us, look back to our role-models (NYPD) during the “Occupy” protests and the brutality that took place against the protesters and their Constitutional rights.

NYPD Confirms Manipulation of Crime Stats

Source: Cryptogon

A New York Police Department whistleblower’s report that his precinct was systematically underreporting crime – an act that resulted in a suspension and time in a psychiatric ward – has been validated by an internal department investigation.

The report, completed in 2010 but not made public, comes amid growing scrutiny of the NYPD and its declining crime statistics. Those stats have helped build a narrative that New York City has become, as Mayor Michael Bloomberg likes to say, “the safest big city in America.”

In September of 2009, Officer Adrian Schoolcraft of the 81st Precinct in Brooklyn met confidentially with NYPD investigators and provided evidence – including secret audio recordings he had made – that more than a dozen crime reports had been manipulated.

He charged felonies had been downgraded, crime reports taken were never filed, and in still other cases, crime victims were discouraged from filing complaints at all.

Weeks later, on Halloween night, he was taken from his apartment in handcuffs to the psychiatric ward of Jamaica Hospital, where he claimed he was held against his will for six days.


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