This kind of shit does NOT have to happen! What are WE going to do about it?!

Every time you hear our government enthusiastically supporting all-out war in Syria, remember this picture.

This kind of bullshit is the result of OUR foreign policies (supporting “rebels”[terrorists] to overthrow unfriendly “regimes”[governments]). We never have to see these images so we can go about our lives like everything is fine…But until our government takes a stand against violence and war as a tool to accomplish objectives, we can never expect innocent lives to be protected.

Imagine how much more you’d care about putting an end to the games our government plays all around the world if this was YOUR child. It might make it a bit more difficult to give a shit about your “march madness” brackets if it was your loved one buried under the rubble.

People in this country need to wake the fuck up a care about more important shit than how many orange balls a squad of tall dudes can put through a metal circle.

Imagine how different this world would be if we invested the TRILLIONS we dump into our war chest into peaceful, humanitarian solutions. If we guided countries in the right direction with positive reinforcement rather than brute force and deceit.

Imagine an international community getting behind the US as a diplomatic role model once again, where the inertia of generosity and respect will win over even the most antithetical ideological groups.

Think back to the time in school when you pledged your allegiance to the flag every day. You pledged your allegiance to the ideas of liberty and justice, not nationalism, borders, racial division and the greed and ego of consumerism. It’s time to live up to that pledge and start doing something to make sure that 5, 10, 15 years from now, it still means something to be an American. That’s why we’re so proud, isn’t it?

Take one day a week (shit, even one hour a day to start!) and do something for yourself and your country that will positively impact the world. Write a letter, back a cause, become informed, inform your friends/family, donate your time and dammit, by all means…PLEASE let your elected leaders know:

We’re paying attention now. We are ready to be involved in the decisions they make and the direction this country takes. We DON’T want to be the bad guys. We are tired of war, poverty and deception and starting now we are going to be making sure IT IS ALL COMING TO AN END.OR ELSE.

Afterall, we THE PEOPLE have the power.


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