Biological Warfare: Offensive Programs Disguised as Defensive Programs

Watch this video to understand the sordid history of bio-weapon development and why YOUR government is behind all modern illegal use of bio-weapons.


Post WWII: US Government ramps up research of deadly biological agents as weapons after discovering programs in Germany, Japan and then Russia, their latest enemy in the Cold War. Testing is done on soldiers and unaware civilian populations. Certain bio-weapon program insiders attempt to blow the whistle and mysteriously die (see Frank Olsen; “suicide”, 11/28/1953). Bio-weapon R&D spirals out of control from there.

1970s: Nixon signs international biological warfare treaty banning production of, research into and use of deadly biological agents as weapons.

The program continues in secret at facilities in Utah and Ohio. During the same time period, the US sponsors programs like “Project Coast” in South Africa, where other governments are given covert support to produce and test bio-weapons used to control the population growth of undesirable peoples; a project supported with the intention for eventual domestic use.

2001: Post 9/11, weaponized anthrax is delivered to certain government officials. Source determined to specialized lab with extremely refined capabilities to produce such a sample of Anthrax; a sample only a few labs in the world could produce. Individuals with deep knowledge of these programs begin to die, including biological researcher and Iraq WMD whistle-blower David Kelly, who is found in a field after allegedly committing suicide.

The legacy of the 2001 bio-attacks is an increase in government-sponsored programs supporting R&D by private companies to produce “some of the nastiest, most deadly agents and toxins ever known” in an effort to ‘properly defend against them’. This ‘defensive’ program mirrors the exact methods and structure of a program designed to be an offensive one.



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