Bus Fights: Symptoms of a Parasitic Infection in a Diseased Society

20_drughabbitCygBy: Cygnus

In present day ‘civilization’, the toxic result of the persistent influence of vice and violence manifests itself in daily life. It appears in ways that wouldn’t typically register as direct results of these influences. However, when you stand back and look at the big picture, you can clearly see the societal decay that most people are blind to, usually inducing them to ask the question: “What the hell is wrong with people today?”

For as long as Western Society has existed, there too has existed a trade in drugs.  The reasons for this trade have varied, but the traditional justification has always been profit. The demand was always high to get high; traders crossed deserts and oceans to peddle these profitable items. When a morality finally evolved around addiction to and use of drugs, the culture surrounding the trade, use and enjoyment of these substances was already deeply imbedded; from the sewers to the senate. Many of this country’s leadership come from families who were long-involved in overseas trade in the early years of our nation and remember the profitability of narcotics in those days.

With the prohibition of a substance comes the large increase in price of said substance. Over these early years of drug prohibition, prices rose, but so too did the stigma of trading in these now-illicit substances. After the turn of the century, political campaigning as we know it today came into being, and politicians’ families could no longer be overtly involved in anything that could damage their electability.

Recognizing the amount of profits to be had, a few industrious and daring traders continued to organize the international exercise in logistics that is the infrastructure of ‘the trade’. This infrastructure would eventually become the paradigm as we know it today; made up of millions of people who play a very small part, but yet, are complicit in an agenda  much bigger than the drug trade:
Innocent farmers (peasants, really) work a plot of land growing a drug crop make more money than they would growing most any other crop. Large-scale tribal overseers buy crops at farm-gate and benefit their tribe by profiting through transportation and resale. An international transportation corporation, many times over a legitimate business, moves product to market. Product is divided up to main contacts in various cities across a geographic area and it is then subdivided to various street gangs to sell, mostly in lower-class, impoverished or minority neighborhoods.

Consolidated into fewer hands, the trade was very profitable to these people in power. The kings of industry had already made the blueprints for cornering a market: see oil, rail, steel. They now just applied it to drugs. Meanwhile, the democratic experience was becoming more intertwined with capitalism, two systems that were never meant to overlap. The competition that existed in capitalism now existed in democracy – he who spends the most, wins the power. Hence, money=power. What was once a semi-benign pursuit of money became a tool for profit and power…over the people.

cia-droga2The world changed quickly in the early 20th century.  The world went through two wars, power was consolidated, domestic and foreign policy changed, a permanent military-security industrial complex was established, new wars were started, governments were overthrown…and butted up against all that was an awakening of ‘the people’. Civil rights, women’s rights, worker’s rights. The invisible chains of  the aristocracy were being broken and those in power knew their places on the throne were in danger of being returned to their rightful owners. Through post-war state-approved experimentation, drugs were discovered to be a powerful weapon. This weapon could target specific individuals…but could it consume an entire demographic?

Drugs were pumped into working-class areas, ghettos and known immigrant areas. Organized crime began to oversee the distribution network for more control and profit.  As more inner-cities were flooded with drugs, more addicts were created. Gangs got more aggressive for territorial control as money making potential was realized.  Independent gangs began popping up and warring against these independent groups was encouraged.  The frenzy of street warfare spread and even gangs who were supplied by the same upper-level drug sources battled for dominance.  ‘Gang-banging’ became a permanent fixture in the domestic drug trade and a culture of violence began infecting the minds of those who are exposed to it.  Drug profits increasingly became possible on the streets, fueling envy, then greed, then participation by a community of people who only knew blue collar jobs at low wages. The corruption of lower-class society was allowed to continue by those with the power to fix it.

Those who who have the least stand to gain the most from an effective movement of the working-class people for a better life. It was eventually recognized that the when the people are engaged ‘en masse’, they indeed have the power. This was a major influence on the blind continuance of failing drug policies in a ‘war on drugs’ that disproportionately punishes the undesirable classes.  Prison sentencing for even non-violent drug offenses are long enough to officially indoctrinate the prisoner into a full-time culture of drug warfare. Violent offenders are oftentimes products of their violent environment from such a young age that these behaviors become primal, instinctual, Pavlovian. In modern society, instead of a perpetrator/victim duality, you have a victim/victimized singularity where the victim has been brainwashed by an infected pseudo-culture devoid of morality and compassion and instead, their efforts are refocused on greed and self-gain. This hijacking of “the people” destroys the humanitarian traits that allow individuals to connect and replaces them with hair-trigger, instinctual responses dictated by the false-goals of perceived power and status.

This system is creating animals. The system then assigns blame for the results of animal behavior, a culpability which is apparently required in this society.  The blame inevitably falls on the wrong person, but very-much so in this particular case:

A school bus driver, 18 years on the job, 2 weeks from retirement is being blamed for not doing enough to stop a fight on his bus. The attack was carried out by three boys, 16 years of age, who were apparently angry at a boy, 13 years of age, to whom they tried to sell drugs. Instead of buying the drugs, the boy reported them.  Because of this, the would-be drug dealers resorted to violent retaliation. To blame the bus driver for what happened is ridiculous.  The older man was admittedly afraid of the three young men who were clearly displaying their ability to inflict harm. You cannot blame him for only issuing verbal warnings and not wanting to be assaulted.

In news reports and articles, the blame is being shifted to the wrong person: The bus driver. What about these children who are acting very much like hardened criminals in a prison? A society that would allow it’s youth to become so fully institutionalized and indoctrinated into a culture of war and hate is either complicit and evil … or inept and worthless.

These kids weren’t born this way; this is learned behavior. A society obsessed with war, violence and competition can’t expect peaceful bodies and minds. Introduce drugs, drug-gangs and immense profit into the mix and you essentially incite a low-level street war where retaliating against someone who attempts to ‘rat you out’ is normal behavior. When people conform to the norms of aggression and violence, blaming the individual is like treating a symptom: you can lock the individual up, but the virus-like system that infected them is still intact and continuing to infect.

War-on-drugsMainstream media, law enforcement and the talking heads in Washington would love for everyone to blame the individuals and implements (drugs and guns) involved in this violence. The obvious fact is that the government cannot both allow this trade to exist AND denounce those who get involved.  True, part of the guilt does lie with the individual… But much more responsible for these types of situations is the framework of our modern day society, the overall culture of western civilization and the mostly-corrupted and controlled sub-cultures (all carefully crafted by the government over the course a century). Few are concerned with the ideals and injustices of society anymore and the individual is left nearly powerless to overcome their circumstances.

Most subcultures, and therefore behaviors within those subcultures, have also been infected, much in the same way the individual has been infected – trained to focus on the zeitgeist of first world excess and decadence; the ideology being that “if you have not attained this level of luxury, you must do what it takes to get there”. The unspoken lie, of course, is that any one person needs this amount of wealth and power. Instead of having a culture of people lifting each other out of the mud, we have a pervasive culture of pushing them back down into it. Viola! False goals have been implanted. And the drug trade is just the lubricant that poor, uneducated people needed to bring this life of luxury sliding quickly in their direction.

Enter militarized police forces to control the wild street violence created by the drug trade and institutionalized culture of war-on-everything. Sure, innocent people are stopped, profiled, harassed. Sure, guilt now comes before innocence. Addicts are treated like criminals instead of humans in need of help.  Billions of tax revenue is pumped into an international war on a substance that was never meant to be defeated.  Overseas, US soldiers walk through vast fields of opium poppy, a crop that is being shipped to addicted users worldwide.  The crop is untouched. Instead, the “war on drugs” methodology is inverted and the ‘pontificaters’ in the media and charlatans on Capitol Hill sell us the false notion that if demand is eradicated, so too will the trade. They tell us to punish the users, street level resellers and those who are caught up in the violence surrounding the trade, which effectively fills their for-profit prisons. Cutting down the drug-crop and using the trillions of dollars of international drug-war funds on subsidizing, retooling and regrowing different crops by these impoverished farmers would never work.

When simple solutions are continuously overlooked, one MUST consider that the problem wasn’t meant to be solved. Mix in the evidence collected from the last 70 years that factions within our government are working with large banking interests (not just industrious and unscrupulous individuals) that are intricately and deeply involved in the worldwide drug network, and you can no longer ignore that this network is meant to exist. This trade is meant to thrive. These substances are meant to infect.

The fact is, the drug trade still accomplishing the decades-old-goals of: suppressing the movements of lower classes, mentally and culturally enslaving minorities and undesirables to the elite classes, locking up thousands of said undesirables in literal cages while profiting off their long-term behavioral modification into permanent criminals, justifying the federal and local law enforcement expenditures on increasingly militarized equipment + tactics, and last but not least: profit – both personal and organizational. Comical official estimates of the drug trade profit are at $4 billion/year worldwide.  The 2013 budget for “fighting” drugs is $25 billion.  The real profits probably total in the TRILLIONS, ensuring there is enough money for domestic gangs, international cartels, government black-ops, policy maker payoffs, overt and covert kingpins and all those who are in their orbit.

us-marines-opium-fieldWith communism eradicated, the US war-machine, much like the US drug-machine, had to find new ways to survive. Our war culture found a new, perfect enemy in terrorism: an enemy that is not a group, but an ideology. One that can only be defeated on the terms of those who are in power.  They win when they say they win; the war continues until then.  Many have observed the intermingling of drug-trafficking profits and terrorist organizations. The response to this is much like our attempt at destroying the societal scourge of drug-addiction with the “War on Drugs”. The “War on Terror” is a fine example of failure through ineptitude or intention.  It is clear, both  conflicts have been combined and are here to stay. Global war continues, societal failure persists, the people’s movement will always be divided and in conflict. And it would seem that this is exactly the way the elite want it.

Weigh the facts again if you must, but when the truth is accounted for, it is evident to the aware observer that problem, reaction and solutions to these problems are manufactured in a Hegelian manner, to which the people have not been able to respond. Instead, the reaction is what the media says it should be. The bus drivers of the world are punished. The victims and the victimized will continue playing their roles. We will continue to lose our freedom to the State that MUST be able to control it’s animal-populace. Only they know what is best for us.  They must protect us from ourselves and their enemies (how very paternal of them). So, naturally, we look to them to find the solution.  Meanwhile, we fight, we ignore that we are no longer being educated, we medicate, we suffer, we look to the state for help and when life doesn’t improve, we tune out: TV, movies, music, games, fashion, sports, pop-culture, maybe even a solid alcohol or drug addiction … anything but reality.

We’ve allowed reality to descend into madness and will do anything to avoid facing that fact head on. We fight drug violence with state violence. We say murder is illegal, then kill people all around the world and call it heroism. We glamorize death and violence. We live in a country overflowing with violent behavior in a civilization on the decline. One day soon, it will need to be addressed. Until then, their disease will continue to infect a peaceful, compassionate fellowship of humans-beings with the disgusting imperialist notion that war is peace, control is freedom and hate is love. Here’s some heroin, move along, nothing to see here.


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