Political Prisoners: Innocent, Yet Guilty in Predatory “Justice” System


CygBy: Cygnus

In an excellent example of extremes within a manufactured paradigm, political prisoner/whistle-blower Bradley Manning dodges the life in prison bullet only to catch a 10-20 year kick in the teeth. In a system that mock-executes its victim’s to extract and sigh of relief and a ‘thanks’ as it attaches electrodes to you, it comes as no surprise that even those who reject such a system are rejoicing that gross injustice has been defeated. Activist Post reports:

After over 1,000 days in confinement, some of which was tantamount to torture, Manning will not go down in history as the arch-villain that the government tried to portray him as.

However, Manning was found guilty on 19 of the lesser computer-related charges associated with the mechanics behind the leak itself. He also previously pled guilty to charges which will see him spend a likely 10-20 years behind bars.

Nevertheless, the attempted precedent to redefine a whistle-blower as worthy of life in prison, or even death, has apparently been thwarted for now.

In these modern times of tyranny destroying the ideals of freedom and democracy, the system is designed to protect itself, not the people. Manning’s ordeal started with a question of morality and duty:

If you had free reign over classified networks over a long period of time, if you saw incredible things, awful things, things that belonged in the public domain and not on some server stored in a dark room in Washington, D.C., what would you do?

He sought to expose the duplicity and evil inside the war machine: holding up peace signs with one hand while pressing the “fire nuclear missile” button with the other hand. His noble attempt at doing his duty to his country by valuing human life, not just domestically, but internationally, was villianized by the state, skewed by the media, ignored by the majority of the people and described as “naive” even by his own defense attorney. The system has created a hostile and ignorant environment for the whistle-blower in hopes that the movement will wither and die.

Bradley manning isn’t alone in his unorthodox courage and morality. Many others have stood firm in their beliefs of life and liberty against a hypocritical international system looking to destroy the virus of a free and peaceful mind. This system cages those who refuse to conform to this corrupt way of thinking/living so that they will not infect the population with their disease.

Take the example of former CIA agent John Kiriakou who blew the whistle on the George W. Bush administration for advocating and executing an illegal torture program. This ambiguously operated program oftentimes convinced it’s lower-level participants that it was legal and authorized, tricking their sense of duty and patriotism to overcome their sense of morality.  Kiriakou is currently serving 30 months in the Federal Correctional Institution in Loretto, Pennsylvania for exposing this program. The government charged him with violating the “Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982”, a go-to law for a justice system wishing to punish those who would dare expose the criminal activity which would have otherwise have been hidden by “national security”, “classification” and our policy of keeping everything “secret” from the American public … ironically the very same people system allegedly answers to.

While in prison, the Corrections Officers try to pit political prisoners against each other; like when they told John Kiriakou that a Muslim inmate, who the Officers called “the uncle of the Times Square bomber”, was instructed to assassinate him in prison. After asking around, it was discovered that these Corrections Officers told this same Muslim man that John Kiriakou was a CIA assassin with orders to kill him. This man turned out to be an Imam of a mosque in Buffalo, NY who is serving FIVE years for refusing to testify against his parishioners. These parishioners turned out to be the “Lakawanna Six”, six young arab-americans locked up for alleged links to terrorism at the height of the post-9/11 hysteria.  Alleged; as in: a state with secret courts, secret prisons, secret documents and secret programs will never allow information to get out that would diminish or destroy their plan for tyrannic global domination. The first casualty on the downhill slide into pervasive tyranny is truth.

Outside of accused terrorists, modern day political prisoners are activists of varying types and degree: the pure activist, the hacker, the leaker or whistleblower, the dissenter and the protester. Those who are both ‘informed’ and ‘ready to do something about it’ are a fascist governments greatest threat. Being that the US Government operates under the guise of liberty, the judicial branch does the dirty work where the ‘gestapo’ would be restricted by threatening the utopian illusion the rest of the populace calls reality.  The court systems suck these citizens into an abyss, sometimes as enemies of the state…for whom they have a deeper darker pit specially reserved.  Whichever form of political or social dissident you actually are, be sure you are being monitored and if necessary, Uncle has a special cage for you.


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