Monolithik Big Brother Wall of Fame

big brother

We’ve had some (in)famous visitors here at Monolithik lately. In the past, we’ve tracked various Government Agencies and Defense Related companies visiting our site. I think it’s time to recognize their contributions to play BIG BROTHER.

2014-01_Wall-of-FameBetween January 13th and January 16th, US Department of Defense Network, DOD Network Information Center and FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems visited the blog, viewing articles entitled “US Spies and Mercenaries Escalate War in Mexico: Mexican Government Complies” (times 2!!) and “The Mysterious Murder of John P Wheeler III Part Two“.

The irony is that the lead agency tasked with SOLVING the Wheeler murder is visiting the blog to view a story on how the murder is still UNSOLVED! Maybe they are close to finding the perp! HA!


Monolithik Blog Worldwide Reach

Since February 2012, Monolithik has managed to get a blog hit in nearly every country in the world! Great news!

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Today’s SOPA/PIPA Protests: A message from Monolithik

A call to do more…
To all the Writers, Bloggers and Social Media Users out there taking part in todays SOPA/PIPA “Protests”:

Does anyone actually understand the extent of what is happening to this country? If you did, you all would be posting about the destruction and downward spiral of our freedom and liberties more often than just when it’s a hot topic in the news.

Don’t misunderstand – it’s a decent start, but in addition to SOPA/PIPA, continue by protesting NDAA, PATRIOT Act as well as the soon to be passed EEA (Enemy Expatriation Act gives the government the right to revoke your citizenship) etc…  while we are at it, let’s also protest the expansion of the Dept of Homeland Security (whose sole purpose is not only “terrorism”, but domestic surveillance of US citizens – including any journalists, bloggers and even facebookers who express ANY “anti-government” points of view…even if it is only passing along a news story), also protest the endless wars, war-mongering, media-controlled pro-war propaganda, glorification  justification, and exacerbation of world-wide conflict (whatever the reason) in the name of freedom and flag-waving…how about protesting true class warfare and destruction and oppression of the middle and lower classes while our politicians continue to placate the weak minded and the bankers keep just enough money in our pockets so we focus on buying shit rather than fixing a government run more like a quid pro quo cartel than a democracy by the people, for the people. Protest the destruction of our constitution rights under the weight of our neo-fascist governing body of elite and their army of minions consisting of bought and paid for politicians and herd-mentality law enforcement who wipe their asses with the constitution when they:  arrest protesters in the streets who are actually using their first amendment right to peacefully assemble, effectively nullify the fourth amendment by invading your privacy while claiming to have just cause because of your purchasing habits, search history, excercizing your first amendment rights to free speech and second amendment rights to gun ownership. The list goes on.

If you are not aware, no time better than now to inform your self, your family and your friends. If you are, pledge to become more involved with the future of not only this country, but your community and the world. These kinds of atrocities against liberty can only occur when the people are complacent and indifferent.