The Hypocrisy of Action Against Chemical Warfare Offenders


With tensions mounting, the US is beginning to make its case for strikes against the Syrian government. Reports indicate that the White House will release the declassified document demonstrating Syria used chemical weapons against its citizens as justification for US military intervention as early as today.

The Syrian question has some asking why the use of chemical weapons is the ‘red line’ whose crossing now demands American involvement, and recently declassified CIA documents don’t make the debate any clearer. Continue reading


Biological Warfare: Offensive Programs Disguised as Defensive Programs

Watch this video to understand the sordid history of bio-weapon development and why YOUR government is behind all modern illegal use of bio-weapons.


Post WWII: US Government ramps up research of deadly biological agents as weapons after discovering programs in Germany, Japan and then Russia, their latest enemy in the Cold War. Testing is done on soldiers and unaware civilian populations. Certain bio-weapon program insiders attempt to blow the whistle and mysteriously die (see Frank Olsen; “suicide”, 11/28/1953). Bio-weapon R&D spirals out of control from there.

1970s: Nixon signs international biological warfare treaty banning production of, research into and use of deadly biological agents as weapons.

The program continues in secret at facilities in Utah and Ohio. During the same time period, the US sponsors programs like “Project Coast” in South Africa, where other governments are given covert support to produce and test bio-weapons used to control the population growth of undesirable peoples; a project supported with the intention for eventual domestic use.

2001: Post 9/11, weaponized anthrax is delivered to certain government officials. Source determined to specialized lab with extremely refined capabilities to produce such a sample of Anthrax; a sample only a few labs in the world could produce. Individuals with deep knowledge of these programs begin to die, including biological researcher and Iraq WMD whistle-blower David Kelly, who is found in a field after allegedly committing suicide.

The legacy of the 2001 bio-attacks is an increase in government-sponsored programs supporting R&D by private companies to produce “some of the nastiest, most deadly agents and toxins ever known” in an effort to ‘properly defend against them’. This ‘defensive’ program mirrors the exact methods and structure of a program designed to be an offensive one.


America: #1 In Fear, Stress, Anger, Divorce, Obesity, Anti-Depressants, Etc.

The Great American Depression


In modern America, present day, you will find a society that subjects people to conditions which cause them to be profoundly unhappy on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  It does nothing to improve these conditions and instead offers various pills and consumerist escapism as solutions. It is no surprise, then, that in these conditions, fear, stress, anger, divorce, obesity, depression and hopelessness are common emotions, often suppressed by a heavy regiment of drugs to make life bearable. Perhaps human beings were not meant to live like this. Perhaps the REST of the world has it right, and America, #1 in these negative responses to a dismal life of emptiness, is not the shining example it is made out to be.

Source: Economic Collape

The United States is a deeply unhappy place.  We are a nation that is absolutely consumed by fear, stress, anger and depression.  It isn’t just our economy that is falling apart – the very fabric of society is starting to come apart at the seams and it is because of what is happening to us on the inside.  The facts and statistics that I am going to share with you in this article are quite startling.  They are clear evidence that America is a nation that is an advanced state of decline.  We are overwhelmed by fear, stress and anxiety, and much of the time the ways that we choose to deal with those emotions lead to some very self-destructive behaviors.  Americans have experienced a standard of living far beyond the wildest dreams of most societies throughout human history, and yet we are an absolutely miserable people.  Why is this?  Why is America #1 in so many negative categories?  Why are we constantly looking for ways to escape the pain of our own lives?  Why are our families falling apart?  There is vast material wealth all around us.  So why can’t we be happy? Continue reading

ALERT! Monsanto ‘Rider’ Slips Through Senate – Time Running Out!


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The rider (Sec. 735) that would prevent courts from halting illegally planted GM crops (sometimes courts find fault with USDA-approved GM fields) slipped into the Senate Continuing Resolution spending bill HR 933 blind-sided an angry populace last week, giving little time to voice complaint before it was to go through the Senate.

On Wednesday morning, HR 933 passed with the new rider dubbed by activists as the Monsanto Protection Act therein. The rider has nothing to do with proposed government spending to keep it running for the next six months. Continue reading

Who Killed Hugo Chavez?

Source: Mad Cow Morning News

Venezuela is a country in mourning over their late president, Hugo Chavez. “The fight goes on! Chavez lives!” shouted the mourners in unison, many through eyes red from crying late into the night. But even as  his flag-draped coffin floats over a sea of supporters on its way to the cemetery today, “conspiracy theories” continue to  spread about a CIA role in his passing.

  Continue reading

So You Don’t Believe in Chemtrails?

Source: Ishtar’s Gate
By: Vincent Anderson

That’s fine. Neither do most people….who don’t have to live under them. But chemtrails are not just something you believe in, like some believe that there will be 75 nubile virgins waiting for them in Heaven if they just kill a few infidels. There’s no documentary evidence for that. But there is documentary evidence for the existence of chemtrails which is overwhelming and inescapably conclusive, and so here’s just a taster for some of it. Continue reading