Suicide Assassin Drones: A New Tradecraft Tool?

By now, most people have heard of the assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. In what might be a first, a world leader was targeted by a explosive-laden drone; in this case, two $8,000 DJI Matrice 600 Pros.  Each carried a payload of 2.2 pounds of C4 plastic explosive.

20170228_112420 - Copy

This leads to the question: In the future, are more and more assassination attempts on politician leaders, dissidents and whistle-blowers going to be carried out by drone? Has the day of the drone assassination arrived?

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Documentary: Mexican Drug Cartels are now in the Oil Business

Cocaine & Crude

From Tamulipas to Oaxaca, Mexican cartels are now engaging in violence and intimidation against oil workers. When they are not in rural areas tapping Pemex pipelines for gas and oil (called Fuel Milking), they are taking material storage locations by force or violence and draining the tanks into their trucks. Apparently, they have learned over time that the Oil Business is just as profitable as the drug and gun business.

Drug cartels are diversifying their business from drug/gun running and intimidation to oil theft, drug/gun running and intimidation. This new business is extremely lucrative and they know this. In fact, there are interesting parallels between the Cartel business model and the model used by upper echelons of various powerful Governments around the world. Control the guns, control the drugs and control the oil. The money will come. Once you control the final point, currency, the world is yours. Until then, it’s a tool for the cartels. This is evident in their popularized saying: “Plata o Plomo”, meaning Silver or Lead. Take a payoff or DIE.

Vice News’ latest documentary covers the Cartel’s new venture into the business of oil theft and it’s impact. If for no other reason, watching this documentary will give you a good idea of the level of fear instilled in local workers and businessmen, even when they have armed Mexican Military escorts. Mexican Cartels are certainly no joke.

Watch the full 20m short, here:

National Security Archive Releases Vol. 1 of ’73 Chilean Coup Details

Chile’s Elected Socialist leader, Salavador Allende and Cuba’s Fidel Castro in 1972

U.S. Covert Intervention in Chile: Planning to Block Allende Began Long before September 1970 Election

Nixon Alerted in Advance to Date of Coup, Retired CIA Operative Writes in Foreign Affairs
Archive Commends Long-Awaited Release of State Department Compendium of Records on U.S. Involvement in Promoting Chilean Coup
National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 470

Posted May 23, 2014

For more information contact:
Peter Kornbluh 202/374-7281 or

Washington, DC, May 23, 2014 – Covert U.S. planning to block the democratic election of Salvador Allende in Chile began weeks before his September 4, 1970, victory, according to just declassified minutes of an August 19, 1970, meeting of the high-level interagency committee known as the Special Review Group, chaired by National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger. “Kissinger asked that the plan be as precise as possible and include what orders would be given September 5, to whom, and in what way,” as the summary recorded Kissinger’s instructions to CIA Director Richard Helms. “Kissinger said we should present to the President an action plan to prevent [the Chilean Congress from ratifying] an Allende victory…and noted that the President may decide to move even if we do not recommend it.” Continue reading

Who Killed Hugo Chavez?

Source: Mad Cow Morning News

Venezuela is a country in mourning over their late president, Hugo Chavez. “The fight goes on! Chavez lives!” shouted the mourners in unison, many through eyes red from crying late into the night. But even as  his flag-draped coffin floats over a sea of supporters on its way to the cemetery today, “conspiracy theories” continue to  spread about a CIA role in his passing.

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Hugo Chavez, World Leaders and Cancer Deaths—Indications that the Cure Exists (For a Chosen Few)

Source: Activist Post
By: Janet Phelan

The death this past week of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez raises some disturbing questions. It was reported that the iconoclastic and controversial leader succumbed to a two-year-long battle with cancer. In so doing, he may have been the first world leader to lose his life to cancer since 1980, when the Shah of Iran succumbed to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma while in exile.

With cancer deaths figuring at 23% of the mortality rate in the United States (cancer is the leading cause of death in developed countries and the second leading cause of death in developing countries), one might think that the Big C might be striking down leaders of countries with the same regularity as it afflicts everyone else. The rather unusual and nearly universal tendency for the power elite to sidestep cancer death has raised questions as to whether or not the powers-that-be might be bogarting the cure. Continue reading

Still no Suspects in Hollywood Severed Head Case

Source: Mad Cow Prod
By: Daniel Hopsicker

Four Week Later: LAPD = no news, no suspects, NO CLUE…
(see Part 1 of this story here) 

It was the most conspicuous head disposal in living memory.

It’s been four weeks since a decapitated human head was found beside a well-traveled hiking trail leading to the iconic Hollywood Sign. The head was in a plastic bag underneath a bush, virtually right next door to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Hollywood Hills home.

It was there for no more than a few hours, investigators believe, before a golden retriever belonging to a top Hollywood publicist nosed it out and plopped it down for all to see.

It was a moment many have dreaded, when the vicious drug war raging in Mexico finally spilled over into Anytown USA.  Being just a hundred or so miles north of the country that’s the world capital of severed heads was enough to make some think of names—Los Zetas, the Sinaloa Cartel— that Americans have so far only had to read about in newspapers.

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The Roots of Bain Capital in El Salvador’s Civil War

By: Justin Elliot
Source: Salon

A significant portion of the seed money that created Mitt Romney’s private equity firm, Bain Capital, was provided by wealthy oligarchs from El Salvador, including members of a family with a relative who allegedly financed rightist groups that used death squads during the country’s bloody civil war in the 1980s

Bain, the source of Romney’s fabulous personal wealth, has been the subject of recent attacks in the Republican primary over allegations that Romney and the firm behaved like, in Rick Perry’s words, “vulture capitalists.”One TV spotdenounced Romney for relying on “foreign seed money from Latin America” but did not say where the money came from. In fact, Romney recruited as investors wealthy Central Americans who were seeking a safe haven for their capital during a tumultuous and violent period in the region. Continue reading